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Are you looking for the best Genshin Impact Fischl builder? Fischl is a mysterious adventurer who travels with her night crow named Oz – the couple have worked hard to become one of the Adventurers’ senior detectives Guild. As a user of the arc and the character of Electro, Fischl is one of the most versatile characters in the game, earning her a high position in List of Jinshin effect layers.

Electro is arguably the best item in the game to cause Reactions of the Jinchin Impact element, And Fischl can activate these reactions without being in the field. Fischl can summon Oz in the middle of a battle to inflict electrical damage on her. Once properly set up, Oz can stay active on the field for extended periods of time, leading to a lot of initial reactions.

Fischl’s versatility means it can play a DPS role in dealing with damage, or in a support role for setting up as many initial reactions as possible. Given the amount of high-quality DPS characters in the game, we went to build a support where Fischl can take powerful characters to new heights. Here’s everything you need to know about how to create the best Genshin Impact Fischl design.

Best building support facial for Jinshen Effect

When playing Fischl in a support role, it’s important to be aware of the cooldowns because she needs to summon Oz as often as possible. Nightrider Oz calls for ten seconds, but the cooldown time for this ability is 25 seconds. You can shorten the cooldown period to five seconds just by activating Midnight Phantasmagoria Just like the Nightrider is about to expire. This will reset the duration of Oz, allowing the crow to stay active for another ten seconds.

Fischl’s mission is to summon Oz as often as possible, giving DPS characters a chance to activate initial reactions. Oz causes electrical damage, and we can increase that damage by focusing on it Jinshin effect artifacts That provides reinforcements for a flail Critical rateAnd the Critical damageAnd and Attack percentage. All Fischl stats upgrades also apply to Oz – potential damage from critical rewards on initial reactions alone is unbelievable for the support character.

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The best Fischl artifacts are two Thunder of anger Set and two pieces Gladiator finale he sat. Thundering Fury adds stats to Fischl’s attack, critical rate, and power recharge. To improve this combination further, equipping two Thundering Fury pieces gives Fischl a 15% Electric Damage bonus. Gladiator’s Finale Set is identical to the Thundering Fury, except for the two-piece set that awards an 18% attack bonus.

Equipping the right weapon can boost the attack of both Fischl and Oz – Strings Excellent because it boosts Fishell attack, increases base skill damage, and detonates 48%. Negative facial talent, Back off Be a sinful divination, Allows Oz to cause additional electrical damage equivalent to 80% of Fischl’s attack when an electrolyte elemental reaction is triggered. Oz has to be active most of the time, which creates ample opportunities for almost every character’s initial reactions.

As for team composition, Electro Support characters are so powerful that they can go in with everyone in the game. Your main DPS character depends entirely on the type of enemies you encounter. If you need a superconducting two element reaction, you can pair Fischl with Best Building Genshin Impact Ganyu To cause massive damage. Likewise, you can cause an Overload element to interact very easily with Best Build Genshin Impact Diluc.

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The effect of Jinshen on Fishel’s abilities

Normal attack: Falling bolts

  • Normal attack: Perform up to five consecutive bow shots
  • Charged attack: Take a precision aimed shot while increasing damage. Charging this shot will inflict dark lightning on the arrowhead, doing electrical damage to enemies when struck.
  • Drowning attack: Fires multiple arrows into the air before they fall and crashes into the ground, dealing damage to AoE on impact.

Basic skill: Nightrider

Summon Oz, a night crow made of lightning and darkness, causes electrical damage in tiny AoE.

  • During Oz activity, he will constantly attack nearby enemies
  • Hold to set the location where Oz is called
  • Click while Oz is active to summon it to the side of Face

Elemental Blast: Midnight Phantasmagoria

Summon Oz to spread his twin wings from Twilight and defend Fishel.

  • Fischl takes the form of an Oz crow, which increases its speed of movement
  • Attack nearby enemies with lightning, and do electrical damage to any enemies flawlessly in contact. Each enemy can only be hit once
  • Once the racist explosion is over, Oz remains on the field to attack the enemies. If Oz is already in the field, this will reset his lifetime

Constellations Genshin Impact Fischl

  • Depth look: Oz would fight alongside Fishel even when he was not on the court. When Fischl attacks the enemies, Oz will join, dealing 22% Fischl’s attack damage
  • Predator from all sins: Nightrider deals 200% more attack as damage, and increases its Impact level by 20%
  • Nightmare wings: Increase Nightrider level by three, to a maximum of 15
  • Her bleak pilgrimage: Midnight Phantasmagoria deals 222% of attack as electrical damage to nearby enemies. When the skill ends, Fischl regains 20% of its health
  • Against fugitive light: Increase Midnight Phantasmagoria level by three, to a maximum of 15
  • Evernite crow: Increases Oz recall duration by 2 seconds. When party members attack with Oz active, he will deal 30% of Fischl’s attack as electrical damage

Negative Talent Genshin Impact Fischl

  • Astral predator: Hit Goose with a charged shot to activate the Thunder Penalty, deal AoE Electric Damage equal to 152.7% arrow damage.
  • Back off be a false divination: If a character triggers an electrically related racial reaction while Oz is in the field, Oz will activate Thundering Retribution. This causes electrical damage equal to 80% of Fishel’s attack
  • Mein Hausgarten: When dispatching on an expedition in Mondstadt, time is reduced by 25%

And that’s all we have on the best Genshin Impact Fischl build. As mentioned earlier, Fischl goes well with everyone, so it is worth paying attention to Handbook of New Characters The Jinshin Effect Which highlights who will join the list in the future. The Genshin Impact 1.3 release date It’s also approaching fast, you might want to know what gets added to the game when the update launches on February 3rd.

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