The new Frontier Pass brought Kublai Khan to lead China and Mongolia

Last week, Veraxis Vietnam unveiled. It is the latest country to join Civilization VI: The New Frontier Corridor And driving it Lady TrioU.

Today, the studio revealed another ruler, a fellow named Kublai Khan. And he happens to be an alternate leader in both China and Mongolia. One cannot help but think of the possible synergies that he can bring to the negotiating table.

Civilization VI: The New Frontier Corridor – He welcomed Kublai Khan, ruler of China and Mongolia

The ability of the leader of Kublai Khan is known as “Jerej”. If you select it, you’ll get an additional economic policy slot for Civilization VI Running around. Likewise, you’ll also get a random idea or inspiration after building a mall in another civilization city for the first time (this can only happen once per city).

Of course, given his ability to lead China or Mongolia, one has to take into consideration civilian capabilities as well. First, China’s virtual ability, ‘Family Cycle’, allows eurekas and inspiration to award an additional 10% from science and culture. In conjunction with Kublai Khan’s “Gerege”, you can see a fairly reliable way to race tech and civic. Obviously, it goes without saying that you will have to manage without Qin Shi Huang’s builders reinforcements.

As for Mongolia, it will lose Genghis Khan’s cavalry rewards. In return, you will see that Gerege has been cooperating well with Örtöö in Mongolia. Because Civ’s ability automatically creates a mall the moment you send a trade route, you can unlock eurekas and inspiration a lot faster. Don’t forget that “Örtöö” also grants additional diplomatic visibility and fighting power across the malls.

Civilization VI New Frontier Corridor Kublai Khan Mongolia China Declaration 1

In general, you are looking for evenly balanced rewards that will aid your income and progressive progression. These factors should make Kublai Khan a viable alternate leader for both China and Mongolia in your future games.

Civilization VI: A New Frontier Corridor Vietnam and Kublai Khan DLC Out On January 28th. You can watch the Kublai Khan video shown below, as well as visit our website Manual and hub features.

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