Warner Bros will pay for live service as a core component in upcoming games

With 2021 slowly turning into gear, it is time to look forward to new games on ever-evolving hardware. The usual collection of popular AAA games, indie games and virtual reality games will likely join more live service games. This is a development repeated by one of the biggest players in the industry. Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Company Upcoming projects will focus heavily on live service models in the near future.

This was discovered by a Twitter user MauroNL3, Who gathered information from a job posting for The role of apprentice in game production. Within the job listing was the main section that explains the company’s position. Warner Bros. currently has several projects in the works, including both casual and basic games, and it appears to be focusing heavily on live services. This means a lot of games will be constantly getting updates.

How will this happen to the players? Developers can constantly add more features, additional content, or expansion. This is definitely nothing new, and judging by recent releases, it could be a success or a failure.

Warner Bros. introduces live service as a core component of upcoming games (2)

A new dawn or a false dawn?

One of Warner Bros’ titles that contain live service items could be the following Back 4 blood. Since the game relies heavily on online collaboration for a complete experience, it fits perfectly into this model. We can also reliably expect the same Mortal Kombat Or the unfairness Series in the future.

However, it’s possible that there will be other unannounced games that will feature live service models, based on the language on this Warner Bros list. This could mean the next Lego star wars Game, or even Hogwarts Legacy And the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The one exception appears to be the upcoming upcoming release of Gotham Knights. The game will tell its own story, and will not have much development beyond that.

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