The new Skyblivion trailer shows a classic mission in Oblivion

A very ambitious amendment project based on the Bethesda title is underway, and we got a fresh look at it. Skypeion, The mode that brings together the realm Forget By appearance SkyrimStill in business. Work on the project originally began in 2012, just a year later Skyrim Originally released, and The trailers got out Every year since then. While there is no release date yet, Skypeion It contains a new trailer that shows one of his tasks being cut live The Elder Scrolls IV: Forgetting.

The mission, titled “Revenge Served Cold,” tasks the player with revenge for a farmer’s wife who has been killed by goblins. It’s simple and straightforward, and it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from a low key DnD Side goal. This makes it ideal for showing you some of the developments that have been made in Skypeion.

A taste of Skyblivion

The show’s trailer kicks off today with a slow-paced look at the ranch, Harm’s Folly in The Great Forest. Speaking to the farmer, we also see a tiny dialogue tree. It gives players two options: rumors or revenge. Revenge begins on the mission and marks important mines that the goblins have captured. Including these mission markers could be a subtle change in gameplay – Forget He didn’t use it much, instead, there were guys reading a magazine to find out where to go and what to do.

When approaching the mines, the hero gets his first chance to swing a sword. Sadly, the terrain did not completely end out of the cave, so the helpless goblins were left unprotected. This is also the first time we’ve seen a common enemy, and frankly, these goblins look more like re-imitated Falmer. They use the same animations and sound effects as the underground elves, too.

Inside the mine, some notes from the developers of the mod appear. Apparently, the dungeons are in Skypeion It will have multiple, hidden tracks, some of which are shown in today’s trailer. A pit can be seen wandering the player, and another secret path is found inside an underground lake. The game also offers another much-needed gameplay feature, which is underwater combat. No more trying to catch fish from the lake with fireballs or arrows, you can swim to it and give it a punch now

The final battle for this mission is inside a large room full of goblins that happens to be somewhere else Skypeion Standing outside. While ForgetHis visuals probably haven’t aged that well, and her music is still some of the best out there. Hear the renditions ForgetThe classic tracks along with the updated version of the game are simply amazing and enough to make me want to reinstall the fourth installment Old scrolls Title.

There isn’t much to find in the trailer today, but if you want to follow it SkypeionDevelopment, you You can find her location here. If guns and explosions are your speed at getting modded content, this is a massive mod for Fallout: New Vegas Titled the border It was released recently.

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