The best turn-based strategy games on PC

Turn-based strategy games bring out the most cerebral notes of this kind – the breaks provided by “turns” allow us to think, contemplate and plan our moves with as much expert accuracy as possible. Watching this parent plan can create countless levels of satisfaction, and suddenly you imagine yourself the master tactician.

This genre of games is also the home of the “other turn” metaphor – that feeling of proximity to addiction that forces you to click the “End Turn” button again to see what happens. Maybe you are waiting to see the result of a daring attack, maybe you are just trying to click some downtime. We also have a The best strategy games on PC If you are looking to expand beyond small concepts like “turns”.

This is a lively list in the sense that there are many worthy candidates and not enough space to fit them all. Often times (especially with the advent of new games), we will provide this article an update and update to bring giving other titles their role in the spotlight.

The best turn-based strategy games

The best turn-based strategy games on PC are:

  • Gear tactics
  • 2nd Panzer Corps
  • Command Module 2
  • Battle Tech
  • Brothers battle
  • fox
  • Frozen Synapse 2
  • Warhammer 40.000: Sanctus Reach
  • The Battle of Wiesnooth
  • XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite strategy games …

Gears Tactics - Best Role-Based Strategy

Gear tactics

There have been quite a few contenders for the role-based tactical throne of XCOM in recent years. Some were good, some were not. As well as the third-person shooter franchise is seen in Gears of War, we’re still amazed at how well their turn-based tactics are in Gears Tactics. This game takes place before the events of the original Gears of War game, and is essentially a series of tactical battles that are grouped together by narrative and some light progression mechanisms.

There is no strategic layer, and while there is some tenacity to the main characters, it’s mainly about loot and some basic skill trees. It’s not perfect, but its flaws will further highlight how solid the rest of the elements are. One of the innovations that they tried to carry over from the shooter series were the “Battle Boss” elements. These work in the tactical realm, but they can still be a little heavy. However, if you are looking for some to dabble with those role-based tactics, this is one of the best newcomers in a while. Read Gears Tactics Review For more.

2nd Panzer Corps

That’s a bit more on the hard side, but when it comes to historic turn-based strategy games the Panzer Corps franchise is king. Panzer Corps 2 builds on the success of the original game and pairs it with a brand new 3D engine. The scale is a bit abstract – a single tank can actually represent hundreds of vehicles – but it does allow you to play extensive campaigns on maps that can represent parts of entire countries.

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It is a combat focused game, so you don’t have to worry about building units, but you do have to worry about maintaining the supply of your troops as they attack across the map. Tactical options such as cordoning, firing support, and splitting units into smaller “mini” versions for a decent wing mean you will have plenty of options with which to take on that main objective. It has not yet been removed from Hex-based Advanced Wars, under the WW2 title.

Command Module 2

An excellent strategy game that doubles as a viable portal into the world of digital war games, Unity of Command 2 does everything its predecessor did and more. By changing the scenario design and adding new elements like HQ and a more meaningful meta campaign, few iterations of the same task will do the same thing, even though UoC always has a “puzzle” DNA effect within it, which is still true but not the same stretch. The first game.

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Unity of Command 2 takes players to the most famous waters of the Western Front, starting with the final stages of the Battle of North Africa, before moving on to the conquest of Sicily, Italy before finally allowing you to relive the Normandy campaigns. As you play during the grand campaign, your army and headquarters units will grow and improve over time, and there is also a light card mechanic that allows you to play a limited number of special actions that can trigger or break an attack.

Battletech - the best turn-based strategy game


BattleTech is a turn-based mechanical fighting game that does as much justice to its FASA tabletop roots as it does in creating a massive and complex mini-game that comes alive in digital form. Its depth and pervasiveness is the product of thirty years of knowledge and games, and it is one of the The best mechanical games There now.

This is a game that demands commitment, and the MechWarrior combat idea only sells in short. There are so many crises in confrontations at the tactical level, where the management of heat and weapons combines with environmental factors and location. Mechs are beautifully detailed, evoking the right mix of old Ral Patha miniatures and the thankful update of MechWarrior Online’s artistic precedent. We also have a The Mechanical Construction Handbook To help people assimilate a wealth of options.

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At the time of writing, the active development of BattleTech has ended with the studio moving to other projects, but they have launched a lot of free content and three major expansions: Flashpoint, Urban Warfare, and Heavy Metal.

Brothers battle

Battle Brothers is a Game of Thrones: Bron Simulator. A low-fancy mercenary manager refreshingly devoid of kings and kingdoms full of kings, hex-based fighting game from OverHyper Studios is instantly accessible, balanced with brutality and death.

The game has a handcrafted quality and is attractive in the same way as Unity of Command 2. grim busts of ugly mercenaries making their way through swamps and forests, made of paper with whatever weapons and armor assigned to them, engaging in violent combat with all kinds of armies. What’s most impressive about Battle Brothers is the effect with which they deliver every hit, stab, slide, and fire.

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Each successful attack has an incredibly deep impact, making sure you know there are no overruns in the Battle Brothers world. By the end of each encounter, the field was strewn with broken arrows, blood, and corpses. Those who died are actually gone forever. And those who survive may live a little longer.


While not at the end Advanced Wars PC game We could have asked, This much awaited title for RPG Tactics definitely didn’t disappoint when it was released in February 2019. Excellent visual design coupled with rich tactical experience across all factions means this was an easy-to-learn game, a challenge to master, but no less It’s fun to play.

However, the real strength of Wargroove is its built-in future audit. There is a lot to do and experience first-hand, but the powerful and powerful editor means there will be some great user-generated content in the coming months. People are already recreating full maps and campaigns from other classics like Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars, so we can’t wait to see what the community is doing with the game. Read Wargroove Review For more.

Frozen Synapse 2

The Indie Frozen Synapse sentiment largely deserves the accolades it has provided. A synchronized turn-based breakdown of CounterStrike at its core, Mode 7 Games has condensed the fundamentals of a first-person shooter – movement, stance, velocity, and vectors – into five-second packages for mapping direction and behavior. While the sequel didn’t try to mess with this simple and effective formula much, it did attempt to instill a sense of purpose through the “big picture” strategy layer.

The main rendering of Frozen Synapse 2 is a major strategy layer. You run a private security company in a procedurally created city, and your goal is to grow, and keep other organizations in check, while also dealing with a mysterious new adversary that has appeared on the scene. Earn contracts, hire recruits to fill your teams, and fight your enemies on battlefields that vary depending on where the action takes place. The initial offer is practical and incomplete, but it has already proven to be a great way to deliver an excellent tactical experience with meaning and perseverance.

Warhammer 40.000: Sanctus Reach

Thankfully we’re not short of Warhammer games, and when they’re satisfying as Sanctus Reach from Straylight Entertainment, I’d say keep them coming. Sanctus Reach is an interesting innovation because it strikes just the right balance that fans want in keeping the ruminative thinking of the table with the flair and scene of digital translation.

When snapping to the grid and allowing the computer to do the statistically heavy lifting, players are free to contemplate three moves forward while smashing Orks into space wolves and vice versa. The map design retains the physicality of the tabletop, sparsely populated with the kind of terrain assets you hope to tour, and the Sanctus Reach Scale is perfect for selling its interpretation of digital mini-battles. With a long asynchronous multiplayer campaign and good skirmishes, all the game really needs is more WAAAGH.

The Battle of Wiesnooth

What kind of role-based list would you be without some kind of open source or free great statesman of that sort? Just slowly General of the People, The Battle for Wesnoth is a sprawling set of turn-based tactical architecture. The game itself accommodates, and is a vast and varied community units, and it is Transferred to phones. Wesnoth feels like it is at an aesthetic crossroads between traditional Japanese SRPGS and Western hitters like Heroes of Might and Magic.

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Light enough to run on the darkest of systems, and a no costly copper game, The Battle of Wesnoth is truly a people’s game.

Best Strategy Games - xcom 2

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

XCOM 2 It might have had some initial technical insults about the launch, but then it was corrected to shine as intended. Facility with Chosen WarXCOM 2’s exciting expansion spewing hostile human factions into the mix, there’s no good reason not to tilt the second Firaxis in this cool series into your library.

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Secondary targets also add exciting tension to the game, plus the looming threat of a large alien program that cooks away in the background and harbors a failure if left to ripen. War of the Chosen XCOM 2 elevates from a great sequel to an essential addition to the long-running franchise. The story might put the humanity in a vulnerable position, but XCOM was never on the front.

If you’re looking to read more, we have a guide for both XCOM 2 DLC Available, as well as some Tips and tricks To help you get started. For seasoned players, we have XCOM 2 Class HandbookAnd also a guide to the best Modification of XCOM 2.

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More turn-based strategy games

From recent releases, to our readers’ recommendations and previous entries on this list, here are some other great turn-based strategy games that you should check out:

  • Mobius Front 83
  • Hulk Space Tactics
  • Phoenix Point
  • Corruption 2029
  • Six ages: ride like wind
  • Iron danger
  • Broken lines
  • Suns crying
  • Narcos: The Rise of the Cartels
  • Invisible Inc.
  • In breach
  • Domain of Glory: Empires
  • Mutant: Year Zero – The Road to Aden
  • Slaughter the spire
  • Raiders from the X Dimension!
  • DOTA Underlords

We will be updating this list over time as more RPGs are released that deserve # 1. PCGamesN is linked to the Paradox Store.

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