Dorfromantik is a small puzzle of rural cityscapes

Dorfromantik is an upcoming peaceful strategy mini-puzzle game that has you laying tiles to create lovely little countryside from hex tiles. It is a bucolic pastoral of rolling fields, dense forests, small meadows, small railways, and small rivers. It’s coming this spring from Toukana Interactive, and there’s a demo you can play right now On

The basics are simple. You have stacked tiles with different features. Things like woods, houses, and fields can be placed anywhere. Other things can only be placed close to such – train tracks, canals or rivers must continue. To get more and more squares, you have to fulfill the tasks: make a forest bigger, a village that is large, but not too large, or a canal of a certain length. It’s good to chase after you if you’re a hitman, while still remaining relaxed enough for those who just want a nice relaxing game. The full game version will have tiles to unlock and different dynamic areas to place.

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