Cyberpunk 2077 progress bug was introduced in patch 1.1, the fix is ​​detailed

Cyberpunk 2077Correction 1.1 was It is meant to be the chosen one. Instead, it may end up spoiling the power. By it I mean playing the game via Geforce Now. We put in a piece that just broke what the patch added a couple of days ago right Now We need to add what crashes the correction. See what I did there? Not impressed? this is good. I’ll cry after I finish writing this. Or during. Whatever happens happens. Long story short, if you try to do a certain task, you will fail to advance at a certain point, making it impossible to move forward in a story Even the inevitable correction that fixes these tricks.

More specifically, the task involved in Cyberpunk 2077 It is down the street. This is the name of the task. I am not saying it is at the end of the street, so what does that mean? Now, when Takamura invites you to start this mission, he won’t talk and you’ll be in trouble for the video game. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I will re-download save the oldest!” Not so fast, Mnbeach is mysterious! You didn’t think it would be that easy, would you? Reloading a previous save will cause you to get stuck. bad luck.

Scoop yourself out of it

Fortunately, CD Projekt RED has already come up with a workaround that should allow players to advance in the story. Here’s what you need to do in order to keep going. First, upload a rescue before V and Takamura leave Wakako’s office. Once out, you have to end the conversation with Takamura immediately. This will update the progress of the task. Once this happens, you have to skip exactly 23 hours. If you do all of this without a problem, then the correct sequence of events should be executed and you should be able to keep playing Cyberpunk 2077a story. Let’s just hope the patch released by CDPR actually fixes things. I hate to write about the patch –patch.

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