PUBG Mobile bans 9+ player accounts, which is why

PUBG Mobile has sailed through tough waters for the past few months. The popular battle royale game was banned in India in September 2020 along with hundreds of other Chinese apps. The new update coming from the company reveals this PUBG MOBILE More than 9 Lakh player accounts have been suspended. Here’s why the accounts were clamped down. Also read – PUBG Mobile India latest updates: 5 major new developments

Battle royale revealed in an official tweet that it has banned more than 9 Lakh accounts, and 988,533 accounts to be exact. These accounts have been banned due to hacking fraud. The game decided to take breach cheating seriously. PUBG Mobile currently has nearly 600 million subscribers globally. Read also – Impressive New PUBG Mobile Map: Is Karakin Finally Coming?

In the latest tweet, the battle royale noted that “hackers with the CookingNo tag were not allowed from January 15 to 21, 988,533 accounts were permanently suspended from accessing our game.” Also read – PUBG Mobile World Championship 2020: How to Watch Live Streaming, all you need to know

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Battle royale revealed that 24% of accounts were removed due to self-aiming hacks and 24% were suspended due to modification of the character model. PUBG also indicated that 12 percent of accounts were deleted due to using X-Ray Vision, 12 percent for using speed hacking, 7 percent for area damage modification, and finally 11 percent for reasons like using unauthorized payment channels for recharging and more. Payments and use of a third-party program to log in.

Battle royale also showed the ranks of hackers at the time of this ban. According to the game, 38 percent of hackers were on bronze, 12 percent on diamonds, 11 percent on platinum, 11 percent on silver, 10 percent on crowns, 9 percent on gold, and 6 percent The cent on the ace and the 3 percent on the Fatih ranks, respectively.

When will PUBG Mobile be launched in India?

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September last year. Rumors have indicated that the battle royale will be relaunched in India but a specific release date hasn’t been announced at this time. The company has confirmed that the game will be re-launched as PUBG Mobile India It will be a version tailored to the requirements of the Indian government and players.

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