The promotion for FIFA 21 Team of the Year, which is supposed to be one of the biggest shows of the year, is horrific so far

FIFA TOTY is supposed to be one of the biggest and best promotions of EA’s FIFA annual launch. The year FIFA 21 The promotion started yesterday, adding Totti Ronaldo, Mbappe and Levandowski to the pile of cards. There was one card to play for, and that was the 91-rated Moments Suarez card.

Some believe EA may save some content for Saturday, but nothing has been added to the game in the usual 6pm period. However, SBC Flashback Ribery was added yesterday at a later time, so something might be in the way … maybe.

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So what does EA add in instead of interesting players, goals, and cards? A brand new TOTY collection is coming on Sunday. True. Biggest promotion this year is having a set, this type looks like a set of pajamas. He is not out until tomorrow.

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Don’t worry, loads of packages have been added to the store so that EA can get their money from people hoping to land one of the three TOTY strikers. Maybe there was an error (depending on whether or not you wore your tin hat) that resulted in limitless packages of 50K.

However, there weren’t any flash squad-building challenges or lightning packet rounds like previous years. There are no cards or players that can be won by Objectives, Milestones, or the new Team / Event Mechanic in FIFA 21.

Yesterday, EA added a Flashback Ribery rating of 90 for around 800K shortly after, at around 7:30 PM. Why did EA decide to randomly change content release time at the start of TOTY, nobody knows, unless there is a reason behind it. People spend more on bundles if there’s nothing else to do in the game?

Turns out, the content was added at 7:30 pm. When new content is released, for whatever reason. There’s a TOTY SBC Challenge 25K pack, 83+ striker upgrade, and the Harlem SBC kit. Another group. It wasn’t the content everyone was looking for in this promo.

There is no doubt that this Team of the Year promotion is one of the worst performances in recent years. Nothing says greedy quite like EA doesn’t release any content and the store is jammed with packages.

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Rumors are circulating about why they chose to change the time of release of content, suggesting that it could be due to trying to sell more packages or to relieve pressure on the notorious EA servers.

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