Shot in the Dark review – Tri-color triumph for platforms

Nowadays, it’s very rare for a game to slide across my desk and I’ve heard nothing about it. This is why when Shot in the dark Steam hit last weekYou totally surprised me. Aside from the release clip, I was completely oblivious to the title, which was very exciting. So could this satanic tyrant draw in the crowd, or would it be a very suitable place for mainstream approval?

There was an old mystery I was going to tell as a kid: “What is black, white, and red everywhere?” The correct answer was “newspaper.” Oddly enough, the same can actually be said of it Shot in the dark. Everything that appears during the campaign is presented using the same contrasting trios. This is. However, somehow, by using a CGA-era color palette for computer games, they managed to create an intriguing world teeming with the five-pointed star-inspired character.


Just like the minimalist art style in the title, the gameplay is also stripped down to only its most important components. You must either walk, jump, or shoot your way from the entrance to the theater to its end door. Sure, all of this sounds simple enough, but once you see the way the demonic elements start to interfere in the process, it becomes fairly clear that this is where the real challenge lies. All it takes is one grazing hit from any of these wacky apparitions to have the crazy cowboy go to gigantic rodeos in the sky. Fortunately, the solution in most cases is simply to shoot the opponents, in “wild west” fashion.

Depending on the OK Corral style theme, the main character, who also happens to be nameless, is armed with only six standard shells. What makes this weapon interesting is that it has to be reloaded one chamber at a time. Sure, it’s not exactly a groundbreaking feature, but, especially in the later stages, bullet management becomes an important component of every level’s strategy. Is a certain moment the right opportunity to reload, or is it better to move forward while the enemies are nowhere? This kind of sneaky give-and-take proves to be one of the most confusing aspects of game design.

Shot in the Dark review

Because most of the lives are in Shot in the dark Being almost exclusively black, displayed against the background of night, it was necessary to use rare light sources to detect haunted hosts. Just to make things even more confusing, there were some enemies that could not be shot by just shooting at them. These demonic misfits must be shot in one specific manner, which differs for each type of enemy, in order to return them to Purgatory with their prickly tails between their legs.

Featured platforms

Traversing each place felt like an old school, with motion controls responding madly, to the point of feeling unreal. The characters on the screen have no physical weight, which can be good or bad, depending on how accurate you estimate the selection. A good example of this principle in action is a standard jump run set.

Shot in the Dark review

In most modern games, if you run to the ledge and then jump while releasing the left or right buttons mid-flight, your character will usually continue to sail in the air. The airborne track would follow the momentum of the character’s previous run, successfully allowing them to clear the gap and land on the other side. However, in Shot in the dark, The same experience will cause the player to fall into a chasm. Due to the previously mentioned lack of “weight”, the moment the left or right buttons are released, momentum stops in both directions as well. Ultimately, this will cause your character to fall into oblivion before it reaches the top of the jump.

Shooting mechanisms, apparently on purpose, also add more complexity to the platform’s actions. Firstly, there’s no way to actually shoot in action. In order to display the aiming reticle, you must click and hold the right mouse button before firing with the left click. The problem is that this means you have to be very careful when choosing your point of view because if you are not in hiding, you are at increased risk of unintentionally being exposed.

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Longing to win

Every stage Shot in the dark He tries to bring a new challenge to the table. This, in turn, leads to stages that take longer to clear. Introducing new mechanics such as spirits that can only be seen in reflections or clouds floating close to the ground, further obscuring all of the ghosts currently in your path, are two examples of tiny permutations that happen all the time. Although each stage only tends to add new slight wrinkles in each round, these gradual improvements end in layers on top of each other to present a much greater challenge than one might expect.

As the complexity started mounting, this was when I became increasingly grateful, there was little or no time gap between death and birth. Usually, meridian leads back to the beginning of the stage, only to drop the damn right away in another round. Follow the direction you specified addresses like Super Dead Boy, You must count on death a lot. In fact, you can count on preemptively setting off into the sunset at least once (and usually many more times) per level, with very few exceptions.

Bossum house games

Later you move on to madness Shot in the dark, The more likely you are to be burned across a mountain of corpses a mile high before clearing the next death ring of trial and error. There was nothing more monotonous and infuriating than slowly walking your way across the map, only to be eliminated by an invisible, isolated ghost in the shadows. I mean, once you know where these demonic fools were hiding, you’ll be able to see the exact clues to their location. However, if this is your first traffic, there is no way you are expected to discover it.

I feel like there will be an audience of old school players who will really appreciate something Shot in the dark It works well, both technically and mechanically. It is a highly skilled platformer, with an emphasis on display that is a relic of a bygone era. They manage to do three more colors than most modern gaming platforms can do with a full HD palette of shapes and tints. Especially considering the title’s price is equally minimalistic, it makes little sense that this interactive pixel art experience is worth trying first hand.

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