Hitman 3 Chongqing Silent Assassin, suit just walkthrough

Want to clear Hitman 3’s Chongqing Mission on Silent Assassin, Suit Only Run? The busy, neon-lit streets of the Chinese city are filled with opportunities, but hitting every goal is a daunting task. Hush floats between two floors of an apartment complex with rangers, scientists, and test subjects that you need to avoid in order to achieve success. Be sure to confront Hush first, but you’ve decided to hopping into the homicide sandbox, as the third objective is with Royce and you don’t want to hold back too much.

Royce is more difficult because it is hidden in an underground base. There are limited entrances, they have a bodyguard, and finding a place to hide the body is even harder. Fortunately, we have a fast and safe path for both. A quick thank you YouTube user 2244, Whose perfect close running is the foundation of our career – we’ll include instructions below.

In this run we suggest you take a precise silent gun, locks, and coins. Also, if you’ve been struggling with any previous levels, we have it Hitman 3 Dubai Silent Assassin walkthrough, Plus Dartmoor’s Silent Fighter And the Walkthrough for Berlin Silent Assassin, very.

Chongqing silent killer, fit for walking only

From the starting point of the standard train station follow the walkway until the level unlocks. Look for the double doors to the left of the neon-lit street. Go up all the stairs as fast as you like and get up on the roof. Immediately turn left and slide the ledge. Work your way along edges and tubes to the next surface that has a huge satellite dish on it.

Agent 47 is on a rooftop in Hitman 3's Chongqing level

Avoid the guards, run straight ahead, and when you hit half of the wall, take a second to shoot the camera on the left. Run to the door the camera was covering through, and run all the way along the outside of the room counterclockwise.

Go up the stairs, and don’t bother with the guard on the left. At the top you can shoot the camera and point to the left. Avoid the main room and aim for the double doors at the end of the corridor. You can easily dismiss the two guards in this room silently and leave them for the time being, but remove the pan from the sink before continuing.

At this point, the Hush should be downstairs and not too far to make its way upstairs.

Go back out into the hallway and place a coin on the floor in the double open doors. You can do this with the CAPS key, as if you tossed it might entice someone else. The goal is that this coin will stop the Hush for a few seconds, giving you a window to slap his guard and then shoot him.

There is an open window in this corridor that I love to hide outside as Hush and his guard go up the stairs. You have to spend some time here as the main room where the Hush was being tried has a technician occasionally observing the path you need to cross.

The next part takes a long time, but when the coast is clear, you have to drag Hush and his silent friend into the room where you take out the other two. In this room and one side room, there is enough locker space for 4 bodies. Although YouTuber MrFreeze2244 managed to leave the corpses in the hallway, we tried several times and discovered them quite late, so we found it safe to move them to storage.

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From the room where the bodies were stored, head through the other double doors and onto the roof with all the drones. Should you find yourself in a fenced section, pull out your silencer gun to eject a pair of nearby drones. Then open the chain link fence gates that lead to the metal staircase. Run down and when you’re near the bottom, shoot your camera.

At the bottom of the stairs there is a litter box and a dumpster directly to the right. Hold the lever, and watch out for the lone guard on the right, patrolling back and forth, and pass through the double doors when it’s safe to do so. Go down the stairs and place a coin on the lower few steps.

At this point, Royce and her bodyguard should head to the nearby lane and toward you to catch some fresh air. Wait at the top of the stairs, save the game as this can be difficult, and when Royce goes to pick up the coin, throw another deeper piece so the guard turns around as well – peek at the top of the stairs and shoot Royce in the head and quickly go To crowbar and drop it on the guard’s skull. Get a Level 3 dongle.

Watch out for this patrol guard outside, drag both bodies to the trash. Go back to the facility, right, then scroll to the right again. Make a straight line to the core by dropping the next ledge.

Hack the kernel doors and wait for Olivia to give you some privacy. Follow the scene. It will start closing in the air vent on the other side of the computer and follow the left path.

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Once you are out of the vents, grab your chloroform flask by the shelves on the right in case you need to hit someone. Wait for the guards to browse through the stairs.

Follow the second guard through the lane around you until you hit the next group of guards, on the right there is a ventilation hatch that you can pass through. Go up the ladder. From here it is easy to follow the open path to the 1st guard point, climb the stairs, and beyond.

Our final finish time was just over 17 minutes, but this will likely be reduced to 13 minutes if you simplify it.

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