Hidden Hearthstone’s photos refer to upcoming Three Kingdoms content

If you are looking for some secrets hint at what comes next for Blizzard card game Hearth stone, You are in luck. After the arrival of the new Darkmoon Races mini-set 35 new cards have been added to the gameLooks like we got a little too Hidden bonus Along the way. Hidden in the Darkmoon Races update are four new hero images that no one knew until data experts revealed them. Perhaps most importantly, they refer to something called the Three Kingdoms Package for Hearth stone.

Names and faces may sound familiar to anyone with an interest in Chinese history or have played the many games that deal with Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

We have Anduin the Preist who takes Zhuge Liang’s mantle. Rogue Valeera represents the beauty of Diao Chan. Garrosh the Warrior is the unstoppable force Lu Bu. Finally, Paladin’s chapter sees Uther becoming the god of war, Quan Yu.

A new land awaits

As with most artworks in Hearth stone, These extensions look really cool. However, the main point is how players will get these new images in the near future. You can either buy Hearth stone The Three Kingdoms Pack or the Little Pack. In addition, there is the Guan Yu Uther package and the Zhuge Liang Anduin package.

What exactly are these packages? Nobody knows for sure, and Blizzard definitely hasn’t announced anything about it. Early release in the game might be a bug. Either that, or Blizzard is paving the way for a bigger advertisement in the future.

Bearing in mind that the Chinese New Year will happen on February 12th, Three kingdoms Package for Hearth stone You might be perfect for that. In addition to these themed pictures, another priest portrait has also been added. SI: 7 Anduin will likely be released alongside Auduin’s book. This will be the next installment in Book of Heroes PvE content for Hearth stone.

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