PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Which Game Should You Play?

PUBG cell phone It was banned in India in September 2020. Since then, PUBG Corporation has been trying hard to relaunch the game in India. Many are waiting for the game to return, but even while that happens, mobile gaming fans have switched to alternatives like Call of duty: cell phoneAnd the Garena Free Fire And more. Here we’ll take a look at how PUBG Mobile compares to Garena Free FireAnd, if it’s a decent enough alternative to the more popular battle royale game. Read also – PUBG will have two new games by 2022, says Krafton CEO

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: One of them can be played, not playable

PUBG Mobile has been banned so far in India, and it cannot be officially played in the country. Some people play the game with Korean APKs or VPN services, however, this is illegal. The game is not available for download in the country and cannot be found in an Apple App Store and no Google play a store. Read also – PUBG Mobile can be blocked with / without VPN in India again

PUBG Mobile is banned and its minor release under Section 69A of India’s IT Act. The government claims that the game was engaging in activities affecting the sovereignty, integrity, defense and security of the country. Read also – FAU-G: Five things no one told you about the PUBG Mobile competitor

On the other hand, Garena Free Fire can be played freely within the country. It is currently available for download on both Google Play Store And the Apple App Store.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: System Requirements Comparison

RAM: Both games require at least 2 GB of RAM, with 4 GB recommended.

Storage: PUBG Mobile requires 610MB of internal space on a smartphone, which is relatively less than Free Fire’s required 680MB.

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(Image: PUBG Mobile)

OS: Requires PUBG Mobile iOS 9.0 or higher, Male in appearance Version not specified; Requires Free Fire Android 4.1 Or higher, or iOS 8.0 or higher.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Graphics

There is no denying that PUBG Mobile has better graphics than Free Fire. It has a more realistic look, with detailed characters, weapons, vehicles and maps. Free Fire has a cartoonish, slightly animated theme.

Although PUBG Mobile’s graphics are better, that doesn’t mean Free Fire’s graphics are not playable. It will continue until PUBG Corporation can legally re-issue the game.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Characters

One of the places Free Fire is ahead of PUBG Mobile is the number of characters that can be played. These characters help to make the battlefield more lively as seeing the different characters within the game seem more attractive from a visual standpoint rather than similar characters with different clothes.

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(Image: Garena)

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Player Limitations

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale mode allows 100 players to participate simultaneously, while Free Fire limits the number to 50 players.

Due to the large number of players in the game, the maps are larger and the matches are longer. Hence, making it a more enjoyable experience for people to play. Few people would like to play faster, which is why PUBG Mobile has smaller maps and modes. On the other hand, Free Fire does not have larger maps for players who want to play longer.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: conclusion

Given that PUBG Mobile is not currently available in the country, Free Fire is a suitable game to play and spend your time in. However, when the game finally returns, it will make the return or survival option more difficult for players. But given that PUBG Mobile has a lot more to offer than Free Fire, I recommend you make the change to have a better user experience.

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