Nioh 3 might not happen, but Team Ninja wants to revive Ninja Gaiden

Nioh 2: The Complete Edition It will be released very soon, next month in fact. For this reason, the game’s director, Fumihiko Yasuda, ran interview rounds at various outlets. We even talked to him on Our private interview. When looking at all the interviews together from different sources, an interesting narrative begins to take shape.

In an interview with The playerYasuda said Team Ninja wants to focus on working on new titles and therefore has no interest in a business Nioh 3. This doesn’t mean Team Ninja never wants to return to a world Newh, anyway. Yasuda also said in that interview that he did not rule out returning to Newh Series sometime in the future. He just wants the team to do some new projects and get new experiences and skills first. And it makes sense from a creative point of view. Burnout is a very real thing, and being able to work on new projects after sticking to the same franchise for so long can only be good for Team Ninja in the long run.

Then in an interview with Chronicle Video GamesYasuda discussed what’s too hypothetical Nioh 3 It may look or play like. Although he didn’t say much, he did say that they would definitely move past the Sengoku period of Japanese history. Nioh 2The First Samurai DLC content gives players a taste of this as it happens in Heian period. The Heian period lasted nearly 400 years from 794-1185, and it ended roughly 300 years before the Sengoku era began in 1467.

Nioh 3

Ryo Hayabusa might be making its way back

Perhaps the most interesting information is to share the information with her PC Gamer. Yasuda was asked if Nioh 2 Coming to PC means other games from Team Ninja’s back catalog, like Ninja Gaiden Black, He also has a chance to make the jump. Yasuda replied, “I definitely want to think about it in the future. I am always looking for an opportunity to revive Gidden Ninja Series. “Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come for a future.” Gidden Ninja.

In the same interview with The Gamer, Yasuda also mentioned that fans of this franchise should “look forward to some potential news of some kind of announcement in the near future.” Very mysterious and mysterious, but I’ll take my good news as I can at this point. Also, don’t forget that months ago, Ryu Hayabusa was named as one of the leaked DLC codes for Super Smash Bros. Final, And there are still more DLC characters to come for that. Strange things have happened.

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