New Apex Legends Legend: When Will We Meet Up Next Legend Fuse?

Apex Legends Season 8 is approaching, and with it comes a brand new legend. The introduction of Fuse, the champion of Salvo, increases the number of Legends in the game to 16. Horizon It was the latest legend to join Apex games, after arriving in Season 7 at the end of last year.

There were a few hints that the next legend could be from Planet Salvo throughout the Season 7 mission in-game. For those who don’t know, Salvo recently joined the Planetary Guild Alliance, an organization created to bring peace to the Outlands. Salvo is known for its expertise with ballistics and explosives – Apex Legends doesn’t have many explosives other than a handful of grenades, so there’s a possibility Fuse may bring something new to the table.

The latest trailer for Apex Legends Season 8 – Good as Gold has revealed Fuse is the first Salvo to join the Apex Games. Fuse’s capabilities haven’t been revealed yet, but we can make some assumptions based on a few hints in the trailer.

Apex Legends Views

Judging from the events of the latest trailer, Fuse and his close friend Mags have been mercenaries for most of their lives. At the beginning of the trailer, it appears that Mags greatly respects the dead Salvo soldiers who fought for the freedom of the people of Salvo. Fuse didn’t seem interested in this, so he chose to grab a gold bomb from the hand of a dead salvo soldier instead. They will end up wearing this bomb as a medal for decades to come.

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Not long after Fuse became the champion of Salvo after winning a series of skeleton cage fights, he decided to leave the planet to join Apex Games. Fuse gives the gold bomb to Mags as a parting gift, but she decides to detonate the bomb in a wave of rage. Not only is Fuse’s left arm cut off in the blast, his relationship with Mage is completely destroyed.

Apex Legends fuse capabilities

What are the capabilities of the fuse? The trailer didn’t give us much clues to get going, but luckily we have some data extracted from leaks from the Twitter user. SomeoneWhoLeaks To fall back. It is important to remember that there is a chance the following abilities may not be accurate when the new season launches.

Tactical ability Fuse fired an incendiary grenade from a grenade launcher attached to his wrist
Absolute power Fires a powerful mortar that explodes when fired at and causes a ring of fire to damage opponents
Negative ability – Receive reduced explosive damage

Apex Legends Season 8 It launches on February 2, so we must receive official confirmation from Respawn to confirm Fuse’s capabilities. In the meantime, check out Apex Legends skins A guide to find out what the best outfits are in Battle royale game.

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