Gabe Newell says the new games are coming from Valve

Since launch Half Life: Alex Almost a year ago, there was one big question in the PC gaming community. What is Valve working on next, and when will we be able to see it? The secret company has a rich library of games, all of which are famous for their quality and detail. even in Team Fortress 2Released in 2007, it still has a healthy player base. While we don’t know what Valve is working on, thanks Interview With Newell from News 1, we know new games are in the pipeline.

As with any interview with Newell, the reporter had to ask about her at the end Half life 3. Players have bothered Newell about the long-awaited sequel for over a decade that it might also be a meme. Newell himself acknowledged the time he was asked about the game, and he continued with his usual style.

“I haven’t spoken successfully about these things for a long time and I hope to continue not to talk about them until the questions are asked,” Newell said. “Then we move on to a new set of questions.”

Newell also said that by not answering any questions about Half life 3, It was preventing fans from asking more potentially annoying questions. I definitely can’t say that I blame him.

What does Valve cook?

Newell, meanwhile, was shy about any details surrounding him Half life 3He revealed something of information. It seems Valve isn’t taking a breather from making new games like she did before the release Half Life: Alex.

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“We definitely have games in development that we’ll be announcing – it’s fun to ship games,” Newell said. Of course, he didn’t reveal anything beyond that, nor a word of what the next title might be or when fans expected it. However, we seem to have succeeded Half Life: Alex To thank Valve’s renewed interest in making games.

Alex It was cool – to be back in single player games, which created a lot of momentum within the company to do more of that, ”Newell said.

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