Dartmoor – A Handbook of Discovery Challenges

Hitman 3Dartmoor level lets you explore a stately mansion in lush countryside. Here’s our guide to help you take on the challenges of Discovering Dartmoor.

Noticeable: For more information, check out our website Hitman 3 Dartmoor / Evidence of Death in the FamilyAnd well Manual and hub features. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.

Hitman 3: A Handbook of Dartmoor Discovery Challenges

Abbreviations – Hitman 3Dartmoor level has two shortcuts. But, first, you’ll want to find the crowbar. There is one on a box right behind the greenhouse (shown in the photo below).

Abbreviation of the balcony ladder – This is easy to find because it’s in the balcony of Zachary Carlisle’s room.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Discovery 1 Challenges Guide

Abbreviation of the maintenance ladder – This is a little out of the way, but you have to get to the Alexa office on the top floor of the mansion. Head over to the landing and you’ll notice a window.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Discovery Challenges Guide 2a

You can hang on the ledge near the stairwell. If you’re having trouble, just hug the edge and you’ll see a button prompt. You can then bounce and climb outside.

Opening this shortcut allows you to complete an assassination challenge that requires you to snipe Alexa Carlisle from the roof.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor 2b Discovery Challenges guide

deny – Almost all masquerade in Hitman 3Dartmoor level is easily obtainable because you will encounter these non-playable characters within Thornbridge Manor, or while you carry out mission stories.

Escape points – All escape points at Hitman 3Dartmoor level is easily accessible. However, you’ll need keys for two of these:

  • The boat switch is inside the greenhouse.
  • The hearing key can be found in a box directly opposite. Another one carried by the Undertaker.

Htmn3 Drtmr Dsch 1

Other Dartmoor Discovery Challenges

  • Tuppence – This is discussed in a file Small Manual Case File.
  • House cleaning – this is discussed on our website “Means, Motivation, and Opportunity” guide.
  • Let’s go hunting – the gun locker in the East Corridor next to the staff room and Mister Fernsby’s room.
  • D’ya Like Dags – There is a bulldog in Emma and Gregory’s room.
  • The magic is real – you can peel off a unicorn from the busts outside the palace. You can also find one inside Alexa Carlisle’s private room (see below).
  • Thornbridge Manor Keys – There are five keys that you can loot from the following: Emma Carlisle, Gregory Carlisle, Rebecca Carlisle, and Mr. Fernsby and the master key inside the mr. Fernsby.
  • Dog Secrets – Sadly, this is the only Dartmoor Discovery Challenge I have yet to complete. It connects to a hidden room on the second floor of the library area. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost an item that can unlock it.

HTMN 3 Dortmer Shower 2

Hitman 3 Available via Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our website Dartmoor Level Handbook And so do we have Manual and hub features.

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