Best Battle Brothers mod

The Battle Brothers mod’s scene is unassuming, but it has some great gems worth exploring. The game itself was a shining light in terms of indie releases in 2017. If you haven’t encountered it yet, it is Turn-based strategy game Where you are in charge of a mercenary company in a fictional setting loosely based on medieval Europe.

From humble origins, you have to travel to the procedurally created world to take on job after job, gain fame, money and augment the capabilities of your troops. The campaign layer is dynamic and advancing around you. It’s also tricky as nails at times, with a single mishandled skirmish that wipes out most of your best soldiers at once and forces you to start over (or fail). Preservation of alcohol is common.

But like all good Strategy gamesUltimately, you feel like doing new things. Battle Brother’s DLC output isn’t so prolific that you can count on new official content, so we must turn to mods to find those new angles to bring the game to life.

Battle Brothers mod

These are the best Battle Brothers mod:

  • Legends Mods Beta (Repaired)
  • 18 brothers in battle
  • Tweaks and fixes
  • Dark Age – New class scenario pack
  • Leveling Mode Tip
  • Create named weapons
  • Sell ​​loot for more

Let’s explore it in more detail …

Screen capture of bb character management

Legends Mod Beta

This is an overhaul It does a wide variety of things, many of which can be found in the other mods we’ve listed below. If you want an all-in-one sweep, Legends mod seems to be the best at the moment.

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It features new assets, new gear, new perks, bigger mercenary companies, more enemies, better mechanics for the dynamic world … there are few stones left untouched in this mod. Please note that at the time of writing, this mode is currently being updated to be Blazing Sands DLC compatible – it will not work with the new expansion.

18 brothers in battle

This is Simple modification That seeks to help anyone who thinks “I need more brothers”. Battle Brothers would normally allow you to have 12 “active” members in your group, with up to nine additional mercenaries in reserve so you can cut and change as people get injured. Some assets are now increasing or decreasing those base numbers, but for vanilla purposes, you’re basically stuck with 12 brothers at any given time.

You will notice though that the ‘Active’ area in the Management screen is made up of two rows of nine, with the third row of nine representing reserves. This template essentially raises the lid so that you can fully fill both rows, allowing for a party of up to 18 siblings. Contracts also hold that there are so many proheres in one place, so you shouldn’t make the game unusually easy.

Splash image for disk and mod fixes.  A castle appears on a river

Tweaks and fixes

Basically this A set of sub-modifications Grouped together under the theme “The things the game can do differently and the things it should do better.” It consists of lots of simple mods limited in scope that do this or that and you can download each part separately to suit your needs for a perfectly designed experience.

There doesn’t seem to be a central tool that lets you have multiple sub-edits at once, which means getting a complete “download” ready will be a bit of a pain, but there are some excellent tweaks here. Please note that at the time of writing, the creator has been in the process of verifying which mods are compatible with the latest DLC Blazing Deserts. The currently approved list is at the top of the page.

A collage of some of the new script options

Dark Age – New class scenario pack

Subsequent Battle Brothers DLCs did some really fun things by tweaking the player’s starting scenarios. Some of these elements aren’t as important in the long run as we’d like them to be, but they certainly provide enough variety to outpace the hump of the early game.

We were surprised that there were no further tweaks looking at the concept, but that is Old dark mode It looks like the most interesting of the bunch. It adds eight new start scenarios, seven of which all feature a new “class” for the central character with unique abilities. The general rule for all scenarios is that, in the event of the main character’s death, the game ends and the recruitment and trading fines are increased by 10%.

Leveling screen with tip explaining the error

Leveling Mode Tip

The great thing about the Battle Brothers’ living world is that, as time progresses, all villages and towns are affected by the actions of the non-playable characters around them. These appear as “situations” from which you can get summaries of in the main game.

This is a simple quality of lifestyle This simply displays the actual effects of these situations within the game, rather than just vague summaries. It is helpful to try to get a proper understanding of what is happening and how these things affect the wider world.

A list where you can see the manufactured weapons and their material cost

Create named weapons

Called weapons / Uber became a thing in the late game This is a modification You are allowed to make it in mummified. The wording in this game is a bit vague, as you cannot see a “master” list of manufactures and then search for materials for them. Items only appear when you actually have the required ones.

It should be noted that the same applies to the mentioned weapons and there are some other restrictions imposed by the creator of the mod as well.

Stock screen displays a lot of items and prices

Sell ​​loot for more

The only thing I always struggle with at the start of the game is to make money and discover the best way to trade. This is a slight adjustment It can help mitigate some of that by raising the loot base price by 15%. So when you next find yourself inundated with the round shields and clubs you don’t want, know that now you can have more of them!

This situation does not affect the commodity trading price. Also note that this mode is currently disabled if you are using the recently released Blazing Sands DLC.

How to modify Battle Brothers

Unlike a lot of strategy games these days, Battle Brothers hasn’t officially added Steam Workshop support. It’s possible the developers thought they really wouldn’t need it, as there was a time when they tried to stop working on the game and move on to other projects.

Given that we have passed three years and they are still DLC launched for the game, do I imagine the plan went badly …? In any case, you need to rely on Nexus mods, for all your Battle Brothers mod needs.

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Most of the modifications to this directory involve downloading files and placing them in the “Data” folder. If you are using the Steam version, this will usually be: C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common Battle Brothers data

Be sure to read the installation instructions carefully despite each mod, to ensure it’s in the right place.

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