Valheim gets the release date, and is set to go into early February

Do you like survival games? How about survival games Vikings? If you answered yes to both questions, you might be interested to know Valhaim, Cooperative action survival game, enter Early access With the program release date on February 2. The game is published by Coffee Stain Publishing, the publisher of the surprise game Deep Rock Galactic, And is being developed by Swedish studio Iron Gate AB. The game joins Constantly growing list For others deeply rooted in the traditions and traditions of the Vikings. If you weren’t tired of it yet, this might be up your alley.

Valhaim Set in a procedurally-generated world, it focuses on exploration and survival. It is claimed to have an extremely challenging combat system that focuses on blocking and dodging, as well as a variety of different weapon types to master. These include swords, axes, and the corpses of your enemies (definitely the latter arrives). What interests me the most is that the game allows you to build and sail your own ship, which I hope is half as fun as it sounds. Additionally, the game will feature fortress building and deep crafting, so there will be a lot to keep you busy between violent killing spells.

Give them a year

Developers expect Valhaim To be in Early Access for about a year. However, they say development may exceed this depending on various factors. At the time of the initial launch, both the single-player and multiplayer modes will be fully functional, containing almost all of the essential features of the game almost instantly. As the development progresses, new areas, enemies, and crafting materials will be introduced. The game currently contains 280 items, 120 building blocks, and 35 different monsters. The developers go on to say that the game’s features are 75% complete, while about half of the content currently planned is implemented. We’ll have more Valhaim When the release date is February 2.

Valhaim 3

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