The new Atomic Heart trailer shows ray tracing, and the powers of BioShock-esque

Another trailer was released for The atomic heartBut this time, there aren’t many glimpses of an alien Soviet base. Instead, it’s a tech trailer highlighting how the game looks and when The atomic heart It works with ray tracing (as provided by Nvidia). However, it is impossible to ignore some of the stunning images in the trailer and not to link it to previous trailers.

With RTX on, The atomic heart They look simply amazing. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the game with ray tracing either. that RTX show from CES 2019 Ray tracing showed in The atomic heart. else Trailer from 2018 It also displays the game with RTX turned on, long before ray tracing was popular in games or even on consoles. In many ways, The atomic heart It appears to have been part of Nvidia’s process of developing and commercializing RTX.

New lighting, new gameplay

The latest trailer has a Soviet dealer and a P-3 player staring in the mirror. He uses a melee weapon we’ve seen before, one with two saw blades in his head. Of course, his reflection instantly, as well as strange creatures walking on the road above him. The first, with his head open, his green leaves flutter along with a displaced tongue, his bowels pouring out of his shirt. The camera then rotates to reveal a large group of small ballerina statues before focusing on a huge one.

We can also see a little bit of gameplay here, and Bioshock Feelings definitely start. In the first five seconds of gameplay shots, we could see fiery frosting of the P-3 from his hand, freezing the enemy. Later, he appears to use telekinesis to lift two monsters in the air. There wasn’t much in the past, but he’ll have to do it until the next trailer The atomic heart Finally arrives. The mysterious game from Mundfish is currently with no release date.

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