Pure Geographic Residency and Stone Heart Sonata I.

Jinshin effectThe Hypostatic Symphony Event is now on its third day. This time, the challenge is called Stone Heart Sonata I and your opponent is Pure Geo Hypostasis. Here is our guide to help you.

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Jinshin effect: Stone Heart Sonata I – Pure Geo Hypostasis Trainer Guide

Four characters get a 20% damage boost for Stone Heart Sonata I. They are Klee, Razor, Noel, and Bennett.

As for modifiers, here’s the full list:

Rate / change points
Challenge Timer:
300 seconds
180 seconds
120 seconds
Increased HP:
+ 50% electrical resistance 40
+ 50% pyro resistance 40
-40% Healing Effectiveness 40
-50% Critical damage to the entire Gig 50
-25% Attack on active character when Health is below 50% 50
80% power charge rate for the entire party 50
Character switch increases damage to all characters by 25%; Stack up to 4 times 50
+ 50% coach attack 60
+ 100% stamina consumption when running 60
Characters receive + 75% increased damage for 10 seconds after running 60
+ 100% slowing down skill elements 60
-50% Attack character when not protected by shield 60
+ 10% Critical rate and + 20% Critical damage to the active character when health is above 90% -50 (deducted from the score; also affected by the multiplier)
+ 20% Critical Rate and + 40% Critical damage to the active character when health is below 50% -50 (deducted from the score; also affected by the multiplier)

Gen Pct Hypsymph Ggstnhs 1

Meet Tips

If you’ve been farming “natural” Hypostasis in Guyun Stone Forest, you’ll know how the battle is supposed to continue. However, Pure Geo Hypostasis still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

First, note the four pillars that have arisen. The boss no longer shifts these pillars back and forth in quick succession. Instead, it will keep hovering over the same shaft until you destroy it. Moreover, he will not attack Crystal Pellet on his own anymore. You will simply activate the other remaining columns, and they will turn into towers that will blow you away. Yikes!

Noticeable: If the Hypostasis Pure Geo stays on a particular plume for too long (for example, you can’t destroy the plume fast enough), that plume will emit a continuous explosion. Combined with pellet bombs, you are in a world of mischief.

Gen Pct Hypsymph Ggstnhs 2a

Another modified ability is Rock Seal. Do you remember how the stamp around the character only caused massive damage once? Now, the seal will detonate three times. Make sure you keep running or you will die.

As for the other normal abilities, I didn’t notice anything different.

Gen Pct Hypsymph Ggstnhs 2b

Surviving the Barrages of Pele

As mentioned earlier, the other columns will start to supply you with a shower of pellets. As such, trying to destroy the first column would mean having to avoid projectiles from the other three. Fortunately, you can only stay behind the column on which Pure Geo Hypostasis floats to hide from those shells.

Now, once the column is destroyed, it will produce three Geo Shield Crystals that you can capture. This will partially nullify the damage from the pellets, but you can still hit if you’re not careful. Likewise, since one mod reduces the character’s attack stat if you’re not protected, it is best to ensure that these shields are active.

Gen Pct Hypsymph Ggstnhs 3a

Follow the leader around the arena

After destroying the first column and doing some DPS, the boss will finally move to a new column. For me, it would usually move clockwise (to my left). However, other variables must be taken into account.

Sometimes, the manager might break down the wall next to you, or the pole might pulsate and make a single shock wave. In addition, the president may cast a multiple shock wave. As usual, the Geo cube rapidly broke near the shaft to generate a force field. This is actually what you need to pay attention to. If you choose stamina consumption, running across the arena (if the boss’s movement is incorrectly telegraphed) will cost you dearly.

In any case, he kept breaking those pillars, hiding from / avoiding pellet bombs, and whining away at the boss.

Jinshin Symphony Effect Associated with Pure Symphony Effect Geo Hypostasis Stone Heart Sonata I 1a

Finished gilded tile and stand

If you destroy all 4 columns, the Boss will cast a Gilded Tile that fires a Shockwave wave across the room every five seconds. The only way to stop this is to destroy the four diamonds in the area. Fortunately, there are a few shield crystals you can pick up to help mitigate the damage.

Now, assuming the manager suffered from just a small fraction of health, he would make his final stance. It’s actually the same final stance you’ve seen before from regular Geo Hypostasis Obliterating the three pillars to end the meeting.

Noticeable: If you crush the four pillars and push your boss to low health, he will make his final stance, and if you are not able to kill him during that stage, he will follow up with the ability of the gilded tiles. After this sequence, it will produce the four columns and return to the normal phase. Assuming you set a low temp rate, it’s important to let go of the HP head quickly, or the whole transition will cost you those precious seconds.

The effect of Jinshin symphony boundary bound to the geo-pure symphony heart stone Sonata 1b

Create my team

For the Stone Heart Sonata I challenge, I chose Tartaglia, Diluc, Zhongli, and Qiqi:

  • Tartaglia is my primary DPS because there is no rate that penalizes water damage.
  • I used Diluc to help break columns because he has claymore. Its DPS has suffered since I activated the boss’s Pyro resistance modifier.
  • My Zhongli is only Level 50, but it’s funny how his skill-charged actually depletes 40% of shaft health. Even better, its base blast that you can save at the end of the fight actually wipes out all three pillars during the final stance.
  • As usual, Qiqi is my emergency healer (just in case you forget to eat).

Jinshin Symphony Effect Associated with Pure Frontier Geo Hypostasis Stone Heart Sonata I 2

After four attempts, she got 3,915 points. All modifiers were active and the only differences were with timer (180 s) and additional manager health (25%).

I think that should be fine for now. Don’t forget, you only need a minimum of 2,858 points from each challenge. This is if you want access to Total points 20,000 points by the time Jinshin effectHypostatic Symphony event terminated.

Jinshin Symphony Effect Associated with Pure Frontier Geo Hypostasis Stone Heart Sonata I 3

Jinshin effect Available via Official Website. For more information, check out our website Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide And so do we have Jinshin effect Manual and hub features.

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