Is PUBG Mobile India launching tomorrow?

PUBG Mobile India launch tomorrow? Well, that’s what some reports suggest but we’re suggesting that you don’t get too excited right away. This is because it’s unlikely that the battle royale will be released in India tomorrow, Jan 19. This is evident because the company hasn’t officially said anything about the launch date yet. The company still says the game is “coming soon”. Read also – PUBG Mobile is still playable with this 5-second trick: Is PUBG banning in India just a joke?

Will PUBG Mobile be launched in India tomorrow?

Some reports circulating online now indicate that the Indian government will finally remove the ban from the game and re-release it in the country. While reports indicate that PUBG MOBILE India will launch in India tomorrow and there is no confirmation from the company yet. The official PUBG Mobile India website still displays the “Coming Soon” tab, which clearly indicates that the launch date is still a long way off. Read also – PUBG Mobile India January 14, 2021 Latest Updates: Meet Tencent PUBG Comeback after PUBG was banned

Some previous reports indicated that the battle royale will be released in the second or third week of January while some other reports indicated that it will launch in March. The exact launch date is still not available yet. So, take the rumors out with a pinch of salt. Read also – 5 best alternatives to PUBG Mobile Lite 2021: Free Survival, Tiny Royale, Fort Survival, Cover Fire, and more

PUBG Mobile updates

Battle royale was banned in India in September last year along with hundreds of other Chinese apps. Both PUBG Mobile and the Lite version of the app are not available in the country tight now.

By the end of 2020, the company announced the Indian version of the dubbed game PUBG Mobile India. Last December, the company said that a new Indian version of the game would be available to players very soon. However, the company did not disclose the date of the relaunch.

New PUBG Mobile Update

In the past few months, several reports have surfaced online that PUBG Corporation is in talks with the Indian government and is working to address all concerns raised by the authorities. The process is still in progress. The company has already said, that PUBG Mobile India will be a customized version and includes the updates specifically required by Indian gamers and the government.

Back to the question, will PUBG Mobile India be launched tomorrow? The answer will be no. of course not. The game will take longer to launch in the country. PUBG Mobile will only be able to become official after the approval of the Indian government.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile’s competition FAU-G in India is preparing to launch in the country on Republic Day, January 26th. The action game will be launched first for Android users at a later time followed by iPhone users.

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