IO Interactive confirms that Hitman 2 levels will be FREE for Hitman 3 on PC

After some initial outrage and apparent confusion, Agent 47’s latest adventure appears to be finally resolved. After the first marketing, players will Reaching levels From previous games, then Posting a guide says otherwise, IO Interactive appears to have finally settled on a reasonable solution for gamers looking to have fun Hitman 3. A new update to the test launch manual now states that the studio is looking for a solution. The Studio guarantees That players will get from levels Assassin And the Hitman 2 For free in the future Hitman 3.

However, there is a legal note. Since the third entry is the exclusive Epic Games Store, the lack of the second game in the store makes things difficult. It will take some time to reach the levels from that game. Meanwhile, the Hitman 1 year game Access Pass will be free for all computer players. You only need to pre-purchase or purchase Hitman 3 In the first 10 days after launch.

Problem for another day

It remains to be seen only how IO Interactive will circumvent the surrounding issues Hitman 2 And a promise to make its levels free. Whether that makes the game available for purchase in one way or another or makes the content freely available for free, this is what makes an interesting situation.

Io Interactive confirms Hitman 2 Levels will be free for Hitman 3 on PC (2)

IO assures that the studio made every effort to achieve this. Although it seemed impossible a while ago, they have since changed course. Perhaps pressure from the CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney Help achieve this.

The update from IO Interactive came just a day after the initial hype. The quick response seemed to indicate the studio had always known the situation was going to explode. Here he hopes so Hitman 3 Players will get their hands on these freemen Hitman 2 Sooner rather than later.

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