PUBG Mobile is still playable with this 5-second trick despite the ban

It’s been a few months now since the government banned it PUBG MOBILE in India. In these months, there has been a lot of development regarding the same thing. Every day, you might see headlines online telling you how the game is back in India and what’s new in it. However, it seems that the majority of Indian gamers are actually enjoying PUBG Mobile as if no ban has been applied at all – thanks to one simple trick! Read also – PUBG Mobile India January 14, 2021 Latest Updates: Meet Tencent PUBG Comeback after PUBG was banned

Yes, it turns out that you don’t need to wait for PUBG Mobile India to be re-launched in India in order to go for a chicken dinner. You can simply play the same game that the rest of the world is playing, complete with all your progress, purchases, and friend list. Unfortunately, iPhone users still need to wait for an official release via the app store, but there are no restrictions on how Android users can play the game. Also read – 5 best alternatives to PUBG Mobile Lite 2021: Free Survival, Tiny Royale, Fort Survival, Cover Fire, and more

PUBG Mobile in India: How to Download it?

It turns out that the official ban on the app’s presence on the Google Play Store and other app stores isn’t enough. Also the website is not blocked for Indian users for any help. Many blogs and websites may direct you to download APK and OBB files from third-party application repositories, which may be unsafe for Android phones. Also read – Tech news today: Sony PlayStation 5 pre-orders begin, PUBG Mobile 1.2 update released

However, with prof VPN Service, you can simply download the files from the PUBG Mobile official website, without risking the security of your device. Check out some of these steps below:

– Download any free VPN app to your Android device. There are hundreds of these services available on the Play Store, both paid and free. You don’t have to worry about download speeds as the process only takes 5 seconds.

– Once downloaded install in a different region other than India.

Then open Chrome or any other web browser on your phone and head to the global PUBG Mobile website.

– The website opens with the APK download link pasted at the top. Click on it and start downloading the file.

Since the file size is close to 624MB, you can turn off the VPN app midway to increase your download speeds.

Install the file after downloading and opening PUBG Mobile. Let it install all necessary files and you are good to go. You can even sync your progress with Facebook and other social media services.

Everything is normal for fans

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I have tried the same process on my Android device and it worked flawlessly. PUBG Mobile in avatar update 1.2 looks handsome, if not better since the last time we saw it before the ban. Performance has improved for mid-range devices and gameplay physics has also got some boost, with improved animations and glitches.

I tried the TDM Deathmatch mode and it was amazing to see so many young Indians present there, all of them resilient and verbally abusive (yes, this is what Indian kids love about online games). I was waiting to see if the game detects the Indian account as well as the Indian airwaves and cuts me off. but not! I managed to play 5 matches continuously without any trouble!

Is banning PUBG Mobile a joke?

Based on the current situation, it definitely appears to be the case. The lack of robust cybersecurity laws and their enforcement is evident in this case. All the government did was simply ask the game’s distributors to remove the download links. The ban has no role in preventing access to the game within India.

Since it is our responsibility as law-abiding citizens to follow the law of the land, you must stick to your insistence to download the game until the ban is lifted. Krafton initially wanted to bring the game back in December 2020 but talks with authorities failed, which led to delaying the launch of PUBG Mobile India. The Hindi version is said to bring some India-specific upgrades and content to satisfy Indian players.

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