Create a pure and stormy butterfly Intermezzo I.

Today is the second day of Jinshin effectHypostatic symphony event. It offers another challenge, Storm Butterfly Intermezzo I, which has you up against Pure Anemo Hypostasis. Here is our guide to help you.

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Jinshin effectBy: Storm Butterfly Intermezzo I – Anemo Hypostasis Pure Head’s Guide

The location of the domain is still the same as the area in which you fought Pure electrocardiography. For the Storm Butterfly Intermezzo I Challenge, the four characters who can do + 20% damage are FishelAnd the AlbedoAnd Keqing and Xingqiu.

Likewise, though, the HP timer and head Identifying qualities Remaining the same, there are other differences to consider. Here is the full list:

Rate / change points
Challenge Timer:
300 seconds
180 seconds
120 seconds
Increased HP:
+ 50% electrical resistance 40
+ 50% pyro resistance 40
-40% Party Shield Strength 40
-50% discount rate for the entire party 50
-25% Attack on active character when Health is below 50% 50
80% power charge rate for the entire party 50
+ 50% coach attack 60
+ 100% stamina consumption when running 60
Swapping characters increases damage to all characters by 25%; Stack up to 4 times 60
Characters receive + 75% increased damage for 10 seconds after running 60
+ 100% slowing down skill elements 60
+ 10% Critical rate and + 20% Critical damage to the active character when health is above 90% -50 (deducted from the score; also affected by the multiplier)
+ 20% Critical Rate and + 40% Critical Damage to the active character when health is below 50% -50 (deducted from the score; also affected by the multiplier)

Gen Pct Hypsym Pranm 1 1a

Meet Tips

Pure Animo Inflation tends to suffer attacks that you will recognize from its “normal” counterpart. However, there are some ups and downs.

First, you will notice several blocks in the square. When destroyed, it will create wind currents that allow you to glide (in fact, paragliding would become very important if you prolonged combat due to the boss’s abilities).

Gen Pct Hypsym Pranm 1 2a

New and old attacks

Here are some examples of its attacks:

  • Wall Smash – Create three ragged beams that travel along the floor. Be sure to avoid this after the boss ‘applauds’. I usually turn towards the boss after a hit and it looks like he’s working most of the time.
  • Diamonds and Orbs – When the leader turns into a diamond, he will release three giant celestial bodies that cause an explosion when they collide with the earth. You can dash sideways to avoid this. Alternatively, you can use Ningguang Screen to block at least one screen.
  • Rain Anemo – There are more explosions raining down from the sky, but these are easily telegraphed due to the green circles on the ground. The core of the boss is also revealed for a few seconds afterward.
  • Hurricanes and a vacuum blast – these capabilities remain the same as before.

Gen Pct Hypsym Pranm 1 2b

Shockwave Pulse and Robaloceros Storm (“Death Butterfly”)

Do you remember what I said about the importance of paragliding? Both of these capabilities will destroy your team if you aren’t careful.

Shockwave Pulse fires three massive explosions that cover the entire arena. The only way to avoid injury is by paragliding. You can do this by quickly breaking one of the Anemo cubes / cubes to create a wind stream. Alternatively, you can use Fenty Charged Skill or Albedo flower elevator (Just be aware when it starts going downhill.)

Jinshin Storm Butterfly Effect Intermezzo Pure Anemo Hypostasis Guide 1a

As for Rhopaloceros storm, aka. The “butterfly of death”, the butterfly no longer turns twice. Instead, it will stay in the air for several seconds, covering the arena in a gusty wind.

If you were on Earth, you would lose your health quickly. That is why it must slide through the air, then make a diving attack that hits the butterfly. If the sinking attack is connected, it will revert back to the heart of Pure Anemo Hypostasis, shortening the pouring time and allowing you to do damage.

Noticeable: You can also try switching to Qiqi and highlight her basic skills. If you use an Anemo Resistance Potion, and assuming Qiqi has enough HP and ATK, it can heal damage while regenerating your teammates.

Jinshin Storm Butterfly Effect Intermezzo Pure Anemo Hypostasis Guide 1b

The last stop

When the health of pure Animo Arcs drops to 5%, it will generate several winds of streams and five Animo bubbles in the atmosphere. Remember how a normal encounter was with only four of these? Well, you still need to collect the regular, constant four. But the fifth will actually float around the area. It is imperative that you hold it while also making sure that other winds do not destroy your movement.

After capturing all 5 orbs, Pure Anemo Hypostasis will replenish a bit of health. Destroy it quickly to finish the challenge. Oh, and if you missed one or more orbs and chose a low temp mod, you might be done with it.

Jinshin Storm Butterfly Effect Intermezzo Pure Anemo Hypostasis Guide 2a

Create my team

On my first Storm Butterfly Intermezzo Challenge, I had a Child / TartalliaAnd the JuneauAnd the AlbedoAnd and Chichi. Ganyu did a DPS from distance and attacked Childe at melee range. Albedo was there to help if I needed an “elevator,” and Qiqi helped me escape the ability of the “death butterfly”.

The showdown began at the edge of the ring so the president followed this pattern: Anemo Rain -> Wall Smash -> Tornado. After this sequence, I just adapted accordingly.

Jinshin Storm Butterfly Effect Intermezzo Pure Anemo Hypostasis Guide 2b

After three attempts, she got 3465 points. It’s not the highest, but I’m fine with that at the moment.

To be clear, you’ll only need at least 2,858 points from each of the Hypostatic Symphony Challenges / Heads. Bypassing this is only to help speed up the process (reaching a total of 20,000 points), or to brag.

Gen Pct Hypsym Pranm 1 3

Jinshin effect Available via Official Website. For more information, check out our website Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide And so do we have Jinshin effect Manual and hub features.

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