STALKER 2 is getting a new development update with some plot info

Stalker 2 It was originally announced in 2010, but was canceled in 2012. Then, in 2018, it is re-announced and should be released later this year. Honestly, it was a ride for fans of the series. However, we do finally see some light at the end of this tunnel, like Stalker 2 He’s got some Plot information To keep up with our December teaser video that lets us know, yes, it’s very real and the developer is already working on it.

In an update on the Xbox website, stalker 2 ′Lightly s plot. Players will be placed in stalker shoes with the codename Skif. It’s an all-new character that looks completely separate from the plots of the previous titles. The humor takes place again in Pripyat, albeit in a ruined school where the protagonist does his best to keep himself alive, as the stalker does. Unfortunately for our hero, the resurgence has begun and the building in which he is fortified cannot provide the exact type of cover he needs. It checks its PDA, only to notice it’s not there and it’s present Extremely A big problem.

Stalker 2 Plot, focusing on tease

It’s annoying for sure, and the trailer only runs in about 45 seconds – minus the related stuff. But the game looks great, and while I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it missed this year’s launch window, it’s nice to see some progress being made. The developer promises to support ray tracing and console versions along with the PC version. Plus, he’ll be naturally on Xbox Game Pass right away. Now we just need to huddle under a gray sky while hopefully the present dangers pass by. This is the only way we’ll play stalker 2 right Now. The trailer below is the same Informed us In the last month. But this one has a premium Xbox logo.

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