Should you participate in New Bruno Fernandes Premier League POTM SBC in FIFA 21? here we go again

Bruno Fernandez wins back-to-back POTM Awards in the Premier League and gets another new SBC FIFA 21. The stats on this card are not real. However, the card will require 6 separate parts to complete the card.

This puts its price at around a million FIFA Coins. That’s a large number of coins for a non-negotiable card. Do keep in mind that TOTY is only a few weeks away. These coins can come in handy. However, like I said, this card is pretty crazy.

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This 92-rated card in Fernandez is a huge upgrade to his 91-rated live card, which is currently 1.8 million coins. This is a negotiable card and Fernandez is likely to receive promotions with his good (and good Manchester United) promotions at the moment.

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Here’s a closer look at the stats thanks to FUTBIN:

This card clearly has impressive stats. Pace is steady at around 80 each, shooting is unrealistic with 99 in long shots, hit power and penalties (of course), and huge stats for dribbling and passing. He also has 99 stamina.

This is basically an endgame card, and it also indicates that his TOTY card will pay 99 ratings. Really, a million coins is a decent value for this card, but that doesn’t mean you should rush to complete it.

People were keen on the 91st rated POTM at Fernandez and a month later there were already 92 reviews released. With a player in such good shape, it doesn’t make sense to keep upgrading with non-tradable versions.

If you have an additional 800k, you may consider investing in a live card. Although Manchester United’s next game is a tough one (against champions Liverpool this weekend), Fernandes will still receive a few more promotions this year.

Cards aren’t difficult to make right now in FIFA 21 – there are tons of challenges and goals that reward you with good cards – and you can use some non-negotiable items from your club to lower the price of this card.

Or you can save that million coins and pack them for TOTY or buy the upgraded version directly from Fernandes.

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There is no doubt that this card is actually good value, but you have to put on your sarcastic hat: EA did this on purpose. TOTY is just around the corner. They want you to burn your clubs and coins.

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