Hades dev responds to translation criticism, and says it has paid off professionals and community members alike

Hades Supergiant Games has responded to complaints about non-English game translations and questions about using unpaid community members as translators, saying it has in fact used a “professional translation service” in developing the game, as well as “selected members of our community” to review translations based on player feedback.

Complaints about the game’s translation surfaced on Twitter on January 12, when a player posted a screen of poorly translated text and wrote, “Stop damaging your games with machine or unprofessional translation.” Other fans, some of them translators themselves, had similar complaints: This tweet, for example, indicated a confusing message about rescue, While the quality of the translation resulted in at least one player playing the game In English, Despite being a Spanish speaker. The French And the Chinese The translation has also come under heavy criticism – although the German version, interestingly enough, did attract compliment, Which indicates unevenness of work.

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