The MSI Z590 Godlike motherboard will arrive later this month

I am a normal player on computers. I have a good graphics card and CPU, just air cooling. Then there are the enthusiasts with custom water rings and sophisticated devices. Then there are the go-to or home-go people who wouldn’t be satisfied until their device could actually power their Matrix version. For that last group, MEG Z590 Godlike from MSI The motherboard should be a quick way to transition to it. The tablet, which will be launched later this month, comes with a bunch of premium features and may cost more than $ 1,000.

If you can’t seriously wait for this board to drop, along with the other Z590, B560, and H510 motherboards being released by MSI, you can find Countdown timer here. All of these panels will be available starting January 27.

What can you get with $ 1,000?

So what do you get for dropping a little over a large amount on one part of your computer? Details on what Godlike can actually do are somewhat scarce, but they aren’t MSI insiders show It didn’t delve into the part’s capabilities. It comes with a fully loaded I / O unit, packed with every port that anyone could order. It comes with 2.5 GB and 10 GB LAN, dual Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6E, and a large number of USB ports. The board also has buttons for flashing BIOS and CMOS wipe directly on the back of the I / O that look like they’re begging to be pressed in an accident.

Msi Godlike

The MSI Z590 Godlike also has enough cooling solutions to banish any thermal concerns. It features cooling stack fins, aluminum backplate, and 7W / mK heat pads. There are also massive M.2 shields with their own heat pads covering each of the four panels PCIe Gen 4 M.2 slots. If that wasn’t enough, there is an OLED on mobo too that users can customize as they like.

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