Take-Two is no longer trying to get Codemasters

It all started with Take-Two Interactive who bid nearly $ 1 billion to buy Codemasters, the developer of many of the much-loved racing games. The Codemasters board has been, understandably, very open about this, and recommended it The deal is taken. Then EA appeared with an attempt to get $ 1.2 billion USD. Subsequently, the said recommendation was canceled as the board started looking at the significantly more profitable EA deal. While this was undoubtedly a bit unsettling for fans of the esteemed racing studio, Take-Two yesterday announced that it has He removed himself From the entire equation.

Now, nothing stands in the way of EA’s offer to buy Codemasters. The developer owns the rights to several major racing series, including DirtAnd the Greed, And the F1 Toys. Recently, the company released Dirt 5 To the strong reviews, albeit the response from fans has been very mixed. Our review I found the game entertaining and full of content. As a developer, it has had a long history of high-quality racing games that have been enjoyed by sim enthusiasts and casual racers alike. As such, I hope to see Codemasters continue to advance naturally with minimal changes, as they have been a true rock of the racing scene.

Through the darkness of the past into the future

Of course, if the EA Do you Taking over the studio, the risk of this not happening increases significantly. EA is known for buying another premium company, Criterion Games, and it took it from its own franchise and put it on The need for speed Toys. Ultimately, EA ends up destroying the studio and splitting it between its original name and Ghost Games, before eventually removing it from the stadium and awarding the franchise to another developer.

Obviously, any statement that the same terrible fate would befall Codemasters would be mere speculation, but the concern remained. We hope that we will continue to evolve Dirt Games for years to come.

Trailer Features Dirt 5

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