EA didn’t lose its Star Wars IP, just the exclusive deal

With the announcement this week that Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft will work together on the open-ended Star Wars game that revolves around a story, I saw a few of the community at a loss as to what this means for EA going forward.

EA will still be working with Lucasfilms games in the future, and presumably will work on more multiplayer projects after the (long) success of Battlefront 2 and the mid-edition Star Wars: Squadrons. It just won’t happen Just Being EA creates Star Wars games in the future.

So, rejoice not immediately. EA will still be playing Star Wars IP going forward, whether you’re happy about it or not. Yes, they might have been responsible for the eventual success of Battlefront 2, but the initial hatred for MTX in that game kept many fans away.

It’s great news overall that more studios will be able to participate in Star Wars, as the possibilities are essentially unlimited. The canon of the Star Wars universe is huge.

Lucasfilms has already stated that they have a team ready to “direct stories” for the games, indicating that they will work within the universe whenever the studio develops a game.

It also means Lucasfilm can protect its IP and brand without much interference from the studios. Hopefully, that should banish some of the worse micro-transactions, and they somehow learned from the Battlefront 2 failure.

Others have argued that Ubisoft isn’t much better than EA in terms of its business practices. Recent allegations of sexual assault and misconduct led to a months-long investigation into Ubisoft’s executive management, but the issue has since been addressed, the perpetrators charged, and apologies have been released.

In terms of microtransactions, Ubisoft has been getting in with it over the years, but most of its recent games have included micro-transactions on a small scale, usually only for certain cosmetic items. Not quite as blatant as EA’s practices in Battlefront games.

Finally, there are a lot of people excited to see what Ubisoft can do with Star Wars. Assassin’s Creed IP is producing some great games, and Valhalla was one of my favorites last year.

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