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Are you looking to build a Genshin Impact Ganyu? Ganyu is the latest character to join the Genshin Impact roster, bringing the total number of characters to 28. This five-star character specializes in varied combat, making her effective in a DPS or support role. Ganyu is a Cryo archer, allowing her to banish enemies by freezing them while remaining safely at a distance.

Update 1.2 also introduces the Dragonspine, which is an icy site with lots of cold aftershocks. Ganyu’s Cryo abilities work against the enemies in this area, but you’ll find that the pyro / fire characters greatly outnumber the cryo henchmen. Be sure to check out Best Genshin Impact designs to start characters out Includes a build for Outrider Amber, the Bayrou character.

Whether you want to focus on building a high DPS that revolves around critical hits, or prefer to play it safe by turning Ganyu into a support character, Ganyu can do it all. Here’s what you’ll need to get the best Ganyu design in the Genshin Impact.


This DPS design focuses on making the most of Ganyu’s passive talents, specifically Undivided heart, Which can be extremely powerful in the right setting. You’ll want to prepare a file Wanderer Artifact Collection Dramatically increases Ganyu’s charged attack damage when fully assembled. Not only does this affect the Frostlake Arrow, but it also grants the same damage bonus for the AoE bloom effect, dealing massive damage to multiple enemies.

If you can’t afford Wander’s full set of artifacts, you should be looking for artifacts that increase Cryo Damage, Heavy Damage, and Basic Attacks. Energy recovery is not a big priority thanks to Dew mustache A constellation that quickly regenerates two energies after the launch of the Frostlake Arrow.

As for Ganyu’s weapon, we went with it Arch of Amos To deal with the greatest possible damage. This arc increases normal and charged damage by 12%, perfect for the blooming effect on Ganyu’s Frostlake stock.

Ganio from Genshin Impact in personal trailer

The best building support Ganyu effect of genshin

Ganyu’s Cryo abilities allow her to be useful to the team while not participating in active combat, making her a solid choice as a support character. This does not mean that Ganyu will not be dealing with a lot of damage, but you can easily freeze enemies to give other team members some attacks without interruption.

In order to get the most out of Ganyu’s Cryo, equip a The Blizzard Strayer Artifact Set Which greatly boosts Cryo damage. Getting the full Blizzard Strayer Set will increase your party’s Critical Hit rate by 20%, and increase that by an additional 20% if the enemy is frozen. It can be increased more by using Skyward Runaway To increase serious damage by 20%.

Although Ganyu can be used as a support character, her skill set has been improved to deal with massive amounts of damage. We recommend sticking to DPS architecture as Ganyu’s damage output is nearly unparalleled right now.

Ganyu, Cyro Archer in Genshin Impact

The influence of Jinshin’s abilities on Ganyu

Normal attack: Archery Liutian

  • Normal attack: Fire six consecutive arc shots
  • Charged attack: Fire a more accurate aiming bullet while increasing damage. Depending on how long the attack has been charged, the charged attack will have a unique effect
    • Charge Level 1: Fires an Ice Arrow, damaging Cryo
    • Charge level 2: Fires the Frostlake Arrow that blooms after hitting its target, dealing damage to AoE Cryo

Basic skill: The Qilin trial

Ganyu rushes back, the enemies freeze where they stand and damage AoE Cryo. She also leaves behind a snowy lotus that harasses the enemies, forcing them to attack her until she finally blossoms, and deals more damage to AoE Cryo. Ice Lotus’s scale holds up to Ganyu’s maximum health.

Elemental explosion: Heavenly shower

Ganyu summons a sacred Cryo Pearl, and deals Cryo damage to any enemies that are in AoE’s range.

Constellations Juneau

  • Dew mustache: Enemies damaged by Charge Level 2 Frostlake Arrow Bloom lose 15% of Cryo’s resistance for six seconds. Falling from one of these arrows will restore Ganyu’s two Energy. This effect only occurs one time per shot
  • Auspicious: The Qilin trial charges an additional fee
  • Cloud Strider: Increases Heaven Shower Level by three, up to a maximum upgrade level of 15
  • Sojourn west: Enemies that take damage from the Celestial Shower will deal an incremental damage starting at 5% and increasing by 5% every three seconds. This effect covers 25% and lasts for an additional three seconds after the heavenly shower ends
  • Mericole: Increases Qilin Experience by three, up to a maximum upgrade level of 15
  • Clement: Using Trial Of The Qilin will cause your next Frostflake Arrow shot within 30 seconds to no longer require a charge

Ganyu’s negative talents

  • Undivided core: After launching a Frostflake Arrow, the subsequent Frostflake Arrow critical rate and booming effects are increased by 20% for five seconds
  • Harmony between Heaven and Earth: Celestial Shower awards 20% Cryo Damage bonus to Active AoE Party Members
  • Reserved for hunting: Provides a 15% recovery in ore when building bow-type weapons

And that’s all you need to know about the best Genshin Impact Ganyu build. If you just unlocked Ganyu and want to know which characters they pair well with, definitely check out Best Jinshin Effect Characters guide – And if you’re in the arms market, we have it Genshin Impact Weapons A guide that will help you prepare your new buddy.

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