5-Day Lost Riches Challenge Co-op and Coin Sites

We are now on the fifth day of Jinshin effect‘s Lost fortunes happened. There are two new locations where you can find coins. Likewise, there’s a collaborative challenge for those who might have missed yesterday’s opportunity. Here is our guide to help you.

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Jinshin effect: Lost Riches Event – Fourth Day Sites and Co-op Challenge

Site No. 9: Nantianmen

although Jinshin effectThe Lost Riches event board tells you to go to the Nantianmen, where the canyon is easy to get to if you travel quickly to Mt. Hulu. Slide down and you will discover several beams / dig sites near or around the giant tree.

Gen Pct Lrch D5 Cch 1

Location # 10: Cape Oath and co-op Challenge

As usual, just look for the different drilling sites in the area. If you get all the iron coins without taking the co-op challenge, that’s okay. It simply means that today is not your turn.

However, assuming it’s your turn to take on a cooperative challenge today, the last set of coins you drilled will automatically produce the challenge mark.

Gen Pct Lrch D5 Cch 2

Your opponents are Fatoui killers, and you have to defeat both of them within 30 seconds. Since these enemies are difficult to track once they become invisible, it is imperative that you turn them off / CC on them completely.

In my case, I had it Venti Bang his blast to do exactly that. I also Racial skill to fail Together with Diluc’s Ult.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Event, Day 5, Collaboration Challenge 1

A quick use of Venti’s skill recharged its batch again. Finally, I switched to Child / Tartallia Another explosion while a mob was in the hurricane.

When done, you got 50,000 times more. However, other players may get 5 times as smarter as the hero.

Note 1: Personally, I think yesterday’s cooperative challenge (for those who opened it) was much more difficult. you should have The three mages face the abyss, And their shield shrink and eliminate them before the counter reaches zero. On the contrary, this challenge has vulnerable enemies that can be quickly stunned and shot at.

Note 2: However, if you are having trouble ending this cooperative challenge, you can ask some friends to join your world. Alternatively, you can join other players’ worlds. You can also obtain an IQ of a hero or a mora by completing a challenge in other players’ worlds, although you can only do so. Three times maximum For the whole Jinshin effectLost Riches Event.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Event, Day 5, Collaboration Challenge 2

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