Minecraft Village Guide: How to Find a Village in Minecraft

Are you looking for a Minecraft Village? Or just want to get wrapped up in how these cute little towns work? Villages in Minecraft are a great resource for storing items before exploring or Drink potions in MinecraftWhether it’s by trading with the villagers or opening up chests hidden in the homes.

The Minecraft Village will spawn villagers depending on the number of beds in the village and include farmers, hunters, butchers, clergymen, armor makers, and more. The Minecraft Village features buildings, houses, and a well known as the Village Center. Village type is determined by the biome in the village center or meeting point, where most villagers can be found. Villages multiply naturally and the number of buildings and village features is randomly generated, including villagers available for trade and the location of the village itself. This may make finding a village difficult, but it is well worth the reward.

Our Minecraft Village guide covers How to find a village in Minecraft, How to avoid a zombie siege, and Best places to discover Minecraft village loot.

Minecraft village finder

Need to know How to find a village in Minecraft? Minecraft villages can be found in plains, savannahs, taiga, snowy tundra, and desert biomes, and are produced naturally.

Minecraft villagers are in the center

Village features are randomly generated, and the number of buildings that make up the village can vary, as well as the building structure. So you can find a village with no blacksmiths, or a village with multiple blacksmiths.

Minecraft Village features include:

  • Wooden huts
  • Small homes
  • Big homes
  • Butcher’s shops
  • Libraries
  • Farmer
  • Wells
  • Blacksmiths
  • Churches
  • Lighting poles
  • Roads
  • Iron golems

Paths intertwine between the buildings and extend to the outskirts of the village. You can find village sites by exploring, either on foot or by flying in Creative Mode. To start the game near the village, you can use a Minecraft seeds With a village next to the spawn.

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You can also use the Minecraft village finder to determine the coordinates of the nearest village. The following platforms support this Minecraft console commandJava Edition, Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition. Pull up the chat command and type “/ locate Village” and hit Enter to retrieve the coordinates to the nearest village.

Minecraft village in the desert has an iron golem and a village

Minecraft Village of Commerce

Villages in Minecraft will host commercial villagers, and you can interact with them Minecraft mobs To buy and sell different items. In Bedrock’s version, there’s a chance that itinerant merchant and llama merchant is breeding at the village meeting point.

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By right-clicking on a villager, you can trade with them. Not all the items you need from the Villager will be available with every interaction, but trading with the same Villager multiple times will earn you a good reputation with that Villager, who is likely to offer discounts. The villagers won’t always be fair in their trades, so make sure you don’t get robbed before handing over your emeralds.

Villagers have five job levels which can be increased by trading with them, so it is worth revisiting the same villager. As the Villager ascends, from Novice, Apprentice, Past, Expert, to Master – Enhanced Items will be shown. Villagers have professions and offerings are determined by their profession, such as a farmer serving bread at the beginner level, to the golden carrot at the master level.

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Minecraft Village Jobs

  • Armored – Blast furnace
  • Butcher – smoker
  • Cartographer – Table Mapping
  • man of religion – Fermentation holder
  • Farms – composters
  • Hunter – barrel
  • Fletcher – Fletching Table
  • Leather worker – cauldron
  • Librarian – Lecturer
  • Mason / Mason – stone cutter
  • Shepherd – looming
  • Tools – blacksmithing table
  • Gunsmith – grindstone

Create an Iron Golem to protect Minecraft Villages by placing iron blocks in T-mode, then popping a pumpkin carved on top for a head.

How to summon an iron golem

Iron Golems are keepers of the village and although Iron Golem usually spawns with a village, these passive large hordes are easy to summon, albeit quite pricey. Having extra muscle to take care of the villagers means you can sleep peacefully at night with the knowledge of the townspeople and your residents Minecraft farm ideas Safe from sudden explosion of creeper.

Here’s how to summon Iron Golem in Minecraft, you can also create a farm using Minecraft Iron Golem Farm Guide:

  • 4 x Iron Blocks
  • 1 x Carved Pumpkin

Place the four T-iron blocks in the upper world (not the element creation screen), with one block on the floor and the remaining three blocks on top. Place carved pumpkins on top and watch your Iron Golem materialize in front of you.

Minecraft villager blacksmith

Loot Minecraft Village

Chests are created randomly in homes, and will contain different loot depending on the biome. So, the box of the desert village house will contain a dead bush, but the box of the village plains house will contain the oak seedlings. Blacksmiths’ homes, also known as blacksmiths, have a loot box that holds valuable items such as Diamonds for MinecraftIngots, iron shields, and rare loot.

Blacksmithing Success: Blacksmith’s table helps you upgrade to Lower shield

Butcher’s house crates hold an array of meats like beef and lamb, as well as charcoal, and sometimes emeralds. The cartographer’s box contains paper, bread, sticks, and other valuables.

Minecraft Zombie Villages

Village in Minecraft has a 2% chance to be a zombie village. Instead, all the villagers created from the zombie villagers will have no Minecraft zombie villages with doors or torches, some of the regular village pebbles will be replaced with cobwebs, and the glass panels are replaced with brown colored glass panels. Zombies in Minecraft also have a 10% chance of showing up in the middle of the night if there are at least 20 villagers and 10 doors or more – then a zombie siege will happen.

Minecraft village raids

Here’s something to watch out for: You can trigger a raid in Minecraft Village if you enter one while hit by Bad Omen Status. You get this effect by killing the raid captain, who might be spawning among Illagers, but you can easily remove it by drinking milk or waiting for it to go away. If you are a little villain, you can preserve the Bad Omen Status Effect and use it to cause Illager Raid by visiting a village in Minecraft. This will give rise to a number of waves of Illagers, Evokers and Ravagers, who will attack the player and any villagers.

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Finding a village in Minecraft is half the battle, but once you reach a sanctuary of the goodies, a welcome from the local villagers and great performances from the villagers it will seem worth it. Just be sure to be nice to the villagers if you see an Iron Golfer wandering around, they are not being kind to the villagers being attacked or suffocated. If you need somewhere to store loot and items obtained from village merchants, our guide to building a Minecraft house It will give you all the inspiration you need.

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