The Witcher 3 now includes an ice mod for Geralt

The Witcher 3 It was one of the best RPGs in recent memory. Red Projekt CD He built an amazing world, filled to the brim with NPCs and endless regions for Geralt to explore.

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Maybe they had a polarizing launch with Cyberpunk 2077, But at least they still have The Witcher 3 To look back whenever they felt frustrated with the way fans reacted to their latest work.

Big reason why The Witcher 3 It continues to make incredible headlines and selling due to its moderate support. The game has been around for years, but even now, new mods are apparently released every two weeks.

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A new one is currently available and it’s especially exciting because it gives Geralt of Rivia a snowboard. True. Just when you think that this game can’t get better or more outstanding, drops a mod that completely changes the sweep.

The latest Geralt VGX Snowboarder mod can be found in Nexusmods and is unique in that it allows Geralt to use his skateboard as his shoe or a sword on his back. The shoe part lets him slide down the mountainside like a professional skier who has been hitting the slopes for years.

You can check the snowboard movement in the trailer above. It’s so amazing to see Geralt lighting the snowy tracks at lightning speed. It sure will make things interesting moving from one place to another.

As if that wasn’t enough, the skateboard can also be used like a sword. The trailer also features some fight sequences with him. It may not be sharp, but it is large and bulky. Geralt can use it to crush enemies with one pass after another. You definitely don’t want to be on the receiving end of a hit, that’s for sure.

It’s a pretty impressive tweak of all things considered and one more reason to check The Witcher 3 If you still did not buy in hype. There are tons of great RPGs right now on the market, but this one really hits all the right notes.

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And the fact that it continues to receive amazing mods like this skateboard lets you see how much the community appreciates what Red Projekt CD With this address. There is always something new to look forward to no matter how long this game has been in.

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