Lost Riches Day 3 Co-op Challenge and Coin Locations

Jinshin effect‘s Lost fortunes happened It enters its third day. There are two new locations and even a cooperative challenge for you to discover. Here is our guide to help you.

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Jinshin effect: Lost Riches Event – Third Day Locations and Co-op Challenge

Location # 5: The Koyju slope

First new site on Day 3 is Cuijue Slope. Although the shaded area appears huge, most ferrite drilling points are closer to the bottom of the slope where all the columns are rather than the higher ridges.

After you find all the ferrous coins on Cuijue Slope, you can head to the next site.

Gen Pct Lrch Ev D3 Cch 1

Location # 6: Starfell Valley / Windrise

This is the same place I previously talked to Mona while you did Unsolved star / meteor event.

Iron coins are found near the ruins and those in the surrounding grasslands.

Gen Pct Lrch Ev D3 Cch 2

Results of the collaborative challenge

I have to admit that Day 2 of Jinshin effectThe “lost fortunes” event led to some confusion. he was there Cooperative challenge in the plains of Guili Which didn’t appear to me, and I wasn’t sure how to open it. I didn’t know if it was an error or if it was purely random. That’s why I decided to do a little test to repeat the third day.

In Starfell Valley / Windrise, you begin marking and interacting with crater sites near or within the rubble area. After that, I searched for those far away. I made a point of tagging it Jinshin effectAlthough I haven’t really interacted with them all yet.

Genshin Impact Lost Lost Riches Challenge Day Three Collaborative Sites 1

When I found 40 of the 60 iron coins, I went back to the other marked areas away from the ruins, but the rays of light were nowhere visible. Treasure-hunting Seelie no longer makes whistling sounds.

Then I went back to the ruins and saw a beam of light there. This was strange because I already checked this area and had never specified this specific location. When digging there, it looks like I got the last 20 iron coins as well. This also opened up the cooperative challenge.

Genshin Impact Lost Lost Riches Challenge Day Three Collaborative Sites 3

Today’s co-op challenge is similar to the challenge from Guili Plains. You’ll need to fire half a dozen barrel bombs within a short amount of time.

I managed to finish this solo and got 5 times the IQ of the hero. However, if you are having problems, you can ask a friend to help you.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 3 Collaborative Site Challenge 2

However, motivating the collaborative challenge appears a bit bewildering:

  • It could just be random. You may miss the Day Two Challenge, but you can unlock the Challenge from Day Three. It may also differ between each player’s account. This raises more questions since then Jinshin effectHis lost fortunes Event page It didn’t make the requirements for unlocking clear enough, just “travelers May Facing tough challenges. “
  • if I were Supposed to Unlock the challenge as you are about to 60 iron coins, the distant drill / beam points seem to disappear. You are on Pay To get close to the challenge area (for example, rubble) so that it unlocks the moment you get 60 iron coins.
  • So far, I don’t know anyone who has opened the Day 2 and Day 3 Challenge. As usual, if you have other results please let me know.

Anyway, below, you’ll see a video from YouTuber Jonooit. Notice how the player was unable to unlock the Day 3 Challenge? The last drill beam / spot the player interacted with was also far from the rubble itself. It’s really baffling because no one knows when you’re in line for a cooperative challenge. My only guess is that by the end Jinshin effectLost Riches happened, we’ve all faced the same number of collaborative challenges.

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