ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder with 4 Port USB Hub – 7 LED Color Modes with RGB Lighting – Wire & Cord Management Support for Improved Accuracy, Stabilized Design for Esports

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Product Description

ENHANCE Gaming provides premium gaming accessories and sponsors competitive esports teamsENHANCE Gaming provides premium gaming accessories and sponsors competitive esports teams

Mouse bungee on desk wiht mouse and mouse padMouse bungee on desk wiht mouse and mouse pad


A step above the rest, the ENHANCE Pro Series Mouse Bungee incorporates cable management, a USB Hub, and an LED accent all in one performance improving package. Eliminate snagged or dragging cables that frequently occur when making wide or quick mouse motions and utilize the 4 available USB ports to connect and hotswap peripherals directly from your desktop.

Mouse bungee on black background with LED's lit upMouse bungee on black background with LED's lit up

Cable arm flexibilityCable arm flexibility

Flexible Metal Cable Arm

A spring design metal cable arm provides support for any size mouse cable and includes a discreet elastic holder for thinner cables to remain in place. (Works best with braided cables) The cable arm can also be removed if you want to simply use the base as a USB Hub.

Metal Coil Arm

Fits Any Mouse Cable

Removable Arm

Pro Mouse Bungee

Designed for competitive esports, but includes features that any gamer can enjoy, the ENHANCE Pro Mouse Bungee keeps your mouse cable from getting caught at the edge of your desk or from creating drag by creating a fixed heightened point of motion from which to pivot from. The compact design takes up minimal space on your desktop and combines a USB hub to save space on your desk. When every second determines who wins and who loses, there’s no time to lose with snagged cables.

Eliminates Snagged Cables & Reduces Drag

6 LED Colors + Dynamic Rainbow Mode

4 Port USB 2.0 Hub

Weighted Design with Non-Slip Grip

Space Saving Design

Close up on USB Hub

Close up on USB Hub

Color Options

Color Options

Weighted Design

Weighted Design

Built-In Desktop USB Hub

The Pro Mouse Bungee features 4 USB 2.0 ports allowing you to connect various peripherals including mice, keyboards, headsets, flash drives, and more directly from your desktop rather than reaching behind your desktop computer.

7 LED Customization Settings

Select from 7 different LED modes to match with your gaming rig and existing gaming set up. The dynamic Rainbow mode illuminates the circuit design in 4 lighting zones that slowly shift from various colors. You can also turn off the LEDs by long pressing the lighting button.

Weighted Design with Non-Slip Grip

A heavy 3.7 oz metal disc offers substantial weight to the bungee in combination with premium non-slip grip to reduce unwanted movement during gameplay. The stability of the bungee contributes to the effectiveness of the fixed point of motion created by the spring arm.

Color Selection

7 Color Modes

7 Color Modes

7 Color Modes + 2 Effects


4 USB Ports

4 USB Ports

Use for

Cable Management, Lighting, USB Hub

Storage, Display, Lighting, USB Hub

Mouse Pad, Lighting, Performance

Non-Slip Grip


5.2 x 4.6 x 4.6 inches

11.25 x 4.62 x 4.62 inches

13.75 x 9.87 inches

ALL IN ONE GAMING DESKTOP UPGRADE: Offers mouse cable organization, 4 USB Ports, and dynamic rgb lighting in one space saving package desk organizer to work on mouse pads for PC gamers of all levels
IMPROVED MOUSE ACCURACY & RESPONSE via the spring loaded cable support arm that creates a fixed point of motion to control movements and keep your cable from snagging on the edges of your gaming desk
4 PORT USB HUB with active 2.0 ports makes it easy to swap out keyboards, headsets, mice, and flashdrives all in one convenient location located right on your desktop
7 LED COLOR MODES provide customized ambient lighting to your gaming setup to match your existing rig’s style || Choose from RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, LIGHT GREEN, PURPLE, OR RAINBOW
WEIGHTED DESIGN WITH NON-SLIP GRIP provides a sturdy base that will not slip or slide when making extreme mouse movements || All ENHANCE Gaming Products come with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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