Check out Valorant Episode 2 Battlepass and get to know Yoru officially

In a few days, brave Episode 2 Chapter I’ll start. January 12th is today, and there’s a lot to get excited about. The new episode adds 14th Agent to the Tactical Shooter, Euro. Thanks prof Leaked from a Russian videoWe actually got a glimpse of what a mystery agent can do. Episode 2 also brings a new Battlepass, full of cosmetics for players to unlock. We have a sneak peek at some of the roofs for you to review.

Speaking of leather. A new package will also arrive in the store on January 12th. It’s packed with some of the best skins from Episode 1. If you missed it the first time, now’s your chance to get it. More precisely, to get them on your rifles.

Euro agent

Euro offside swordsman. He uses a combination of movement skills, stealth and misdirection to fake an enemy so he can reposition him. Playing Yoru will require you to cover up around the map, wreak havoc among your opponents, and collect weaknesses.

Ultimate Power of Yoru Courage

EURO wears his mask for his absolute ability.

His first ability is Fakeout, which allows him to mimic the sound of feet. You can send it in front of you or activate it later. With audio being an enormous aspect of brave This ability is going to be extremely powerful. Yoru’s second ability is called Gatecrash. It allows him to send or put a rope, which he can activate for teleportation to him. The blind side is Yoru’s signature ability. It is a flash that activates when it hits any hard surface in the game. Yoru’s absolute ability is dimensional drift. When he sets it up, he can see between dimensions. Activating his Ultimate will cause Yoru to drift into the other dimension. Basically, it makes you invisible and invulnerable from enemies.

brave Episode 2 Battle Pass details

As with all of the above brave Battlepasses, the new one will set you back 1000 VP. Includes 12 Skins for Shotguns, 1 Combat Skins, plus a set of Shotgun buddies, cards, machine guns, and titles. One of the rifle’s leather stripes also contains three groups of variants. Battlepass will be available January 12 and will run until March 1.

The three skin lines of weapons available in the fairway are Aerosol, Infinity, and Outpost. The aerosol is covered in graffiti for a rebellious punk look. The front outpost is a slick paint job, but it’s a little creaky. The skin font has a biohazard theme and includes Battlepass’s melee skin. As for the infinite skin line, it is a simple look with a sense of science fiction. It’s also the skin font that provides player color variations for Radianite.

Second chance

The Run It Back Pack that comes to the store at the start of Episode 2 contains five fan-favorite skins from Episode 1. They are Sovereign Ghost, Oni Phantom, Prime Specter, Nebula Ares, and Spline Operator.

Valorant Spline Collection

You can see the Spline Factor in its full glory in the center of this photo.

You can get the entire package for 5,946 VP, which gives you a 33% discount on the price of Single Weapon Skins. The Oni Phantom and Spline Operator are two of the most distinctive and cool looking shapes brave.

Be sure to check back with us in a couple of days. We have more brave Episode 2 details for the reveal. These relate to some upcoming changes to rankings player matchmaking and other quality of life updates based on player feedback. Meanwhile, you can have some games. brave is being Free to play.

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