The Treasure of the Lost Treasure and Day Two Location Guide

Jinshin effectThe Lost Riches event started recently. Now on its second day, players will have two new locations where they can collect coins. Likewise, there is a special treasure that can be found in Bright Krone Canyon. Here is our guide to help you.

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Jinshin effect: Lost Riches Event – Day Two Locations and Special Treasure in Brightcrown Valley

The previous two sites are in Jinshin effectIt was a lost fortunes event Falcon Coast and Lingo Corridor. It should be net 120 coins already.

Today, two more locations are available and you should be able to collect 240 Iron Coins for Event store.

Location # 3: Lake Starfell

Head northeast of Monstadt and wander around Lake Starfell. Activate Treasure Hunt Seelie and listen to the whistling sound effects. You will find several places here where you can carve some coins.

General Pct Lstrch D2 St Brcan 1a

One of the main nuances on the second day of the Lost Riches event is that some enemies may spawn once you dig the treasure. These kids are humble treasure hoarders, so they shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

After getting 60 iron coins in this area, you can hunt for private treasure in the Bright Krone Valley or go to Guili Plains. I’ll be discussing the first in a while, so let’s talk about Guili Plains first.

General Pct Lstrch D2 St Brcan 1b

Location No. 4: the plains of Guilli

Travel quickly to the Domain of Forsaken Ruins where you will discover more coins. Just like the ones on Starfell Lake, some of these locations will also produce quite a few hoarding treasures.

Check the area around the same field until you get all the coins. When you’re done, you should already have 240 Iron Coins. However, the remaining locations are still limited by time so we’ll need to wait for another daily reset. Now, let’s check out the special treasure.

General Pct Lstrch D2 St Brcan 1c

Brightcron Canyon is a private treasure

If you open up the Lost Riches Event Details panel, you’ll notice a clue to where to find Brightcrown Canyon Special Treasure.

The area itself is northwest of Mönstatt, so use the Express Travel Point to get there.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Site 1a

What we are looking for is a shattered dome with a church bell. You’ll find this further west as you cycle around the valley.

there he is Jinshin effecta map:

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Site 1b

Once you interact with the glowing light, the Challenge Mark will appear. When activated, two pairs of Mages (Cryo and Hydro) will appear.

Their levels are scaled to your level, so make sure you have the correct characters (Primary Protectors) with you. There is also a requirement that you should not freeze more than three times, so be quick to use nuclear weapons.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day Two Special Treasure Site 2a

After eliminating both mobs, you will get the following:

  • 3x the intelligence of the hero
  • 60x Primogems
  • 30,000 times as much as Mora
  • 6x Woolen Reinforcement Ore

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Site 2b

Now, according to Jinshin effect‘s Location of the event:

While searching for treasure, travelers may encounter difficult challenges that may be easier to overcome with the help of their teammates … Once the travelers complete the challenge, all team members will receive a Mora or Hero’s Wit.

Travelers can complete cooperative challenges in both their own world and the world of others. Throughout the entire event, you can collect a total of three cooperative challenge rewards in other players’ worlds. Once the event is over, you will not be able to participate in these cooperative challenges.

This is how the statement is formulated. As of now, I’m not sure if Bright Cron Canyon’s private treasure is the ‘Hard Challenge’ in itself. He’s definitely the first person I’ve encountered with this type of Mechanic.

I’m also not sure if this means we can jump into three different player worlds, complete these challenges through co-op, and get mora / hero rewards. Also, I cannot confirm whether trying to do this by cooperating three times will prevent you from actually getting mora / hero rewards if new special treasures become available in the subsequent days.

Jinshin Trace of Lost Riches Day 2 Special Treasure Site 2 c

Update: You just joined Jinshin effect The friend to complete the meeting (he has not made this challenge yet). After beating the two Mages, he gets Achievement bonuses (Mora, Hero’s Wit, Primogems, and Mystic Enhancement Ore). Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any bonuses for Mora or Hero IQ whatsoever. Again, I’m not sure if this is the actual hard collaborative challenge mentioned on the website, or something else entirely. It might be a different challenge that we will see in the next few days. Anyway, if you have other results, let me know.

Genshin Impact Lost Riches - Day Two - Special Treasure Site 2D

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