Apex Legends Season 8 release date and everything we know so far

Season 8 of Apex Legends is fast approaching and we still don’t have any official details about it yet, only a confirmed release date. Fortunately, the data miners have come to their rescue and have revealed some details about what to expect from the upcoming season. As usual, you can look forward to joining a new legend, in addition to the changes to the List of Apex Legends weapons levels With adjustments to the overall balance of the game.

Introducing the seventh season HorizonAstrophysicist and gravitational expert, plus a new map, Olympus, which vehicles were introduced to Battle royale game. The introduction of Olympus saw King’s Canyon take a full season break from seeded playlists, leading many players in the community to question when the first Apex Legend map will return.

The upcoming season of Apex Legends celebrates its second anniversary, so Respawn Entertainment will do its best to evoke feelings of nostalgia. There has been talk of many reminiscences of classic skins, as well as famous sites like Skull Town and Thunderdome that date back to King’s Canyon. Here’s everything we know about Apex Legends Season 8 so far.

APEX LEGENDS SEASON 8 release date

The release date for Apex Legends Season 8 is February 2. Almost every new season of Apex Legends begins once the previous season is over, which means Season 8 should follow the same trend. There were only two seasons that did not start at the same time, and both were postponed for a day. There is a slight possibility that this will happen for Season 8, but it is extremely unlikely.

Jason McCord, Respawn’s Design Director confirmed that damage spotters are finally making their way into the game in Season 8. This was a much-needed feature for players who attempted to shoot damage badges. There is currently no way to know how much damage you took during the game, but these new trackers should let players know how close they are to the shiny badges.

APEX LEGENDS collection for the 8th Anniversary Season

Shrugtal, A well-known miner confirmed that there will be an anniversary group in Season 8. The developers seem to be reintroducing the classic Apex Legends skins From some old seasons, but these hues will feature new colors. Judging by some of the leaky skins, the color trait appears to be red and black. All Legends except for Horizon, Rampart, and Loba will receive Anniversary Recolor Skins.

The colors also branch out into the skins of legendary weapons, such as the Phasewalker-themed ruin and the Bonesaw M600 Spitfire from the Battle Pass in Season 1. This is a great opportunity to pick up some skins that you might have missed when the game launched in 2019.

APEX LEGENDS Season Eight map changes

Data miners also confirmed that King’s Canyon is undergoing a revamp, this time with a number of classic locations returning. While there has been speculation that Skull Town could appear again in some form, it appears as if the Mirage Voyage from World’s Edge is returning to the former Skull Town location.

Much like the “UFO” that I introduced in Season 5 that became Elysium, Mirage Voyage (AND HIDDEN) is currently located on the current map file version of King’s Canyon, over the remains of Skull Town. (Shrugtal) from Apex

Part of the reason King’s Canyon removed the ranked map rotation was because the map was so crowded. Players will engage in battles too early, causing the second half of the game to slow down as a result. King’s Canyon will be revamped, but it is unlikely these issues will be resolved with some minor changes. For this reason, King’s Canyon may not be returning to rotating the ranked map anytime soon.

Each new map received some adjustments in the following season, so we totally expect Olympus to change in shape or form. Similar to the way World’s Edge has been repaired from Season Three to Four, Olympus is already showing signs of potential disaster. Olympus has always distinguished by clouds of a prominent storm in the sky – Season 8 can bring new changes to the map by destroying large portions of the level.

APEX LEGENDS Season 8 New Character

According to the leaked data, the next legend that will join the fight is Fuse, the explosives expert. We’ve known about a handful of upcoming legends that could head to Apex Legends including Titanfall’s Blisk and Ash, but it looks like these two characters may be delayed until a later date.

Fan speculation suggests Fuse is a dangerous mercenary hired by Blisk, but we’ll learn more about his background as the launch of Season 8 approaches. Fuse’s ending appears to be a fatal blow that causes damage over time – this fire ring will behave similarly to thermite bombs. As for Fuse’s tactical ability, the Leaked animation See him carry something on his arm.

We will update this guide as more information becomes available, so stay tuned for this page in the run-up to Apex Legends Season 8. The Fight Night Collection event is scheduled to continue until January 19 – expect to hear more about the upcoming season in the latter half of January. If you haven’t played Apex Legends in a while, be sure to check out our Apex Legends Character Guide Which destroys all the capabilities of myths.

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