Where is Ulman located in the Genshin Impact?

Wondering where Ulman is located in the Genshin Impact? There is a new limited time treasure hunt event called Lost Riches that sees you hunt for iron coins. In order to participate in this event, you must fulfill two basic conditions; First, you must have reached Adventure Rank 20 or higher, and also completed Introduction: Chapter 1 “The Stranger who Catched the Wind”. If you’re looking for ways to quickly raise your adventurous rank, check out Jinshin Effect Adjustment Handbook.

The Lost Riches event tasks you to search for and obtain coins buried all over the land of Teyvat. In order to do so, Ulman will give you a treasure book, and a special treasure hunt series, to help you track down the whereabouts of these coins. The book will provide you with treasure clues – sections of a world map with a specific area enclosed in a circle – and once you head out into the highlighted area, your Seelie buddy will guide you the way to the hidden coins.

Once acquired, these coins can be traded for many rewards – but the main prize, for a sum of 280 coins, is an exclusive Mini Seelie pet to accompany you on your adventures. There are three types of Mini Seelie available for purchase – Dayflower, Rosé, and Curcuma – but you can only exchange one of them, so choose carefully. The search for the Lost Riches Event will run for ten days from January 8th through January 18th.

How to find Ulman at the Genshin Impact

Ullman, the new NPC that will start the Lost Riches event – and with which you will trade your coins – will be located Near Stone Gate area in Bishui Plain, Liyue. We don’t have a specific location yet, as Ulman will only arrive when the event starts, but we’ll let you know once we find it.

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