The Outriders release date delay pushes the game into spring for more refinement

Excited to finally get your hands on People Can Fly’s? Outriders? If so, prepare to have a little Less Joy. Outriders Obviously, it already missed its previous release date, but it has been officially delayed again. officially. It will now launch on April 1, 2021, according to the game Official Twitter page. The game was previously scheduled to launch in December of 2020. Since it is now in January 2021, it was already clear that it would be delayed again. While it is disappointing that we have to wait additional months for the long-awaited title, I am happy to await a more refined experience. After all, not a month has passed since then Cyberpunk 2077.

But in better news, the developers also announced that there will be a demo of the game available on February 25th so that people can see everything that is going on around it before dumping a huge amount of money into it. The demo will contain the entire first few hours of the game and allow players to try out all 4 classes in both singles and co-op. And while Square Enix’s latest multiplayer RPG doesn’t allow you to beta progress the main game, Outriders It will allow you to keep everything.

In the sunset

Hope the release date delay gave People Can Fly all the time they need to polish Outriders To her satisfaction. It’s been a very long time since the developer released a game, and I will prefer to try the funny action in the best quality possible. I look forward to trying the different capabilities of each of the four classes. Especially a fraudster who focuses on manipulating time. Which I really hope was more than just a bullet. But maybe it’s more than just bullet time, right? Now, if you excuse me, typing this made me want to play Black pain reliever.

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