Destiny 2’s Coup de Grâce mission to hunt the High Celebrant is now live

With Destiny 2‘s Dawn happened About to come to an end, Bungie has another guardian activity. It’s Coup de Grâce’s mission, one where you need to hunt down the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath. At the end, you’ll get a Peak bonus To enhance your personality. Sadly, the job itself is also a bit buggy so here’s our guide to help you out.

Noticeable: For more information, check out our website Destiny 2: Beyond Light Manual and hub features. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.

Destiny 2: Mission Coup de Grâce and the High Celebrant

To start Destiny 2Coup de Grâce mission, speak with Crow at Tangled Shore. You should be able to capture the upgrade (“Finder Improvement II”) that will allow you to hunt down the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath.

Open Cryptolith Lor And open it. You will notice that this Wrathborn Hunt offers great gear and that you can also add a “High Stats” shield form.

D2bl Cdg Highcelb 1

After configuring Cryptolith Lure, open your Destination Panel and check Dreaming City to see the Coup de Grâce mission. It also says that it is possible to obtain the “fourth mark”, which is an alien ship.

Anyway, go ahead and start the mission and reach the Cryptolith column. Interact with her to spawn High Celebrant.

D2bl Cdg Highcelb 2

This battle is similar to what I faced before Rathborne Hunts. There are many mobs, but you have to eliminate the ones that have a green glow.

These enemies give you the power of rage, allowing you to deal a lot of damage to the High Celebrant.

D2bl Cdg Highcelb 3

There is a potential error here. It looks like if you do too much damage to High Celebrant in one go, you’ll break the main script. This actually happened to me when I kept beating it up with a file Lament the alien sword After enabling my Titan Bubble.

The president stood there and no other crowds appeared. Also, killing it doesn’t result in anything, so you’ll have to redo the mission.

Destiny 2 Cup De Grace Sami Celebrit 1

In any case, if you shoot a few shots at the target, it should move far. You will then be able to unleash a small blight / darkness ball that creates a portal to an ascending world.

Again, there is a possibility that you will encounter an error here. If you fire an orb Before Its target tag appears, it will not lead to the portal appearing and you may need to restart again.

Destiny 2 Coup De Grace High Celebrant 2

If all goes well, you will be able to enter the world of the Ascension.

You will chase the “high celebrant” back to the city of dreams, and then return to the world of the Ascension again.

Destiny 2 Coup De Grace High Celebrant 3

Toward the end of this chase (after killing the ghoul), you can place a lure to create invisible platforms that lead to a gate. This takes you into an ascending world that you should be aware of if you play Fate 2: Reckless.

There is a wizard here that gives the power rage and a barrier server that you need to remove. Later, as soon as your boss’s health decreases, Osiris will help you electrocute her and you will be able to finish it.

Destiny 2 Coup De Grace High Celebrant 4

When you’re done, visit Spider in the Tangled Shore for a movie short. The Guardian will claim Uldren Sov / Crow and you’ll be leaving with your blue friend.

Funny enough, if you talk to Spider again, you’ll realize that Crow is still in his little corner.

D2BL cdg highcelb 4

As for bonuses, my climax was a 63-piece shield when I finished it off on Titan. However, other players have it I mentioned getting low stats On their belongings.

Low stats on Shields shouldn’t be possible due to the Cryptolite Lure mod you’re entering, so I hope this gets fixed soon.

D2BL cdg highcelb 5

Likewise, Bungie assured that some of the rewards do not decrease at all, including the Alien Ship. Furthermore, if you are seeking the title / seal of “Warden”, Destiny 2Coup de Grâce’s mission is not the last step. Seemingly , Two more victories You will need to discover and acquire it in the future.

Finally, don’t forget to switch to your other characters. You can still do the job on your substitutes to grab those big rewards.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Available via steam. For more information, check out our website Manual and hub features.

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