Call of Duty: Black Ops – Guns of the Cold War: All Weapon Details

Curious about all the Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War rifles that you can unlock throughout the game? Call of Duty Cold War sees the return or reincarnation of a host of beloved weapons from the previous Call of Duty FPS games. Weapons also have more attachments in the gunmaker than ever before, with no fewer than six attachments for each mounting point on any primary rifle.

Finally, Cold War will share progression with Call of Duty Warzone – Warzone players will see Cold War weapons and content arrive in Season 1 of Warzone, starting on December 10 – so it could also appear between Best war zone rifles Later down the line.

Here is a list of all the Black Ops Cold War weapons you can equip throughout the game – and the level you’ll need to reach before unlocking them; Although you’ll need to hunt through the snow for a specific pistol – my loyal – here Where do you find the Redeemer? In Call of Duty Cold War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War rifle list

Here is a list of all the Black Ops Cold War weapons we’ve seen:

  • XM4
  • Craig 6
  • AK-47
  • QBZ-83
  • FFAR 1
  • MP5
  • Milan 821
  • AK-74u
  • 45 KSP
  • the Frog
  • M 16
  • Type 63
  • August
  • DMR 14
  • RPD
  • Stoner 63
  • Messier 60
  • LW3 – Tundra
  • 703 Ali
  • M 82
  • 1911
  • Diamati
  • Magnum
  • 77
  • Gallo SA12
  • Sigma 2
  • RPG 7

Assault rifles


This is the Colt Commando we always see Frank Woods hanging out in Black Ops, and it’s incredibly effective in the mid-range, especially if you use The best Call of Duty Cold War XM4 gear. Just like the M4A1 that tends to dominate, the XM4 combines decent damage and rate of fire for a devastating effect.

Krig 6 (Level 7)

The Krig 6 is all about accuracy when fully shooting. It deals less damage than most other assault rifles, but you’ll find streak landings easier. It’s also very portable, which makes it an enticing prospect for players who like to turn quickly.

AK-47 (level 16)

The AK-47 is the toughest assault rifle in the group but it suffers when it comes to accuracy and mobility. Master it using Best AK-47 gear for Call of Duty Cold War And you’ll find yourself piling on kills very quickly – it’s among the Best Cold War Call of Duty Category Gear in our directory.

QBZ-83 (Level 31)

This assault rifle is based on the Chinese QBZ-95 rifle and is arguably the most mobile assault rifle in the game, with a fast rate of fire. The recoil can be very difficult to deal with, so finding the right build is no feat, and in our opinion this is the weakest assault rifle in the game.

FFAR 1 (level 40)

FFAR 1 is a FAMAS replication; It has a fast fire rate and fast reload speed so you can mow people up at close range. It has an extra mag, but five fewer rounds per mag, and it has “modest” damage.



Decent damage, extremely high rate of fire, and solid handling stats to boost – the MP5 meta seems to be here to stay. Verify The best Call of Duty Cold War MP5 gear To build a cap.

Milano 821 (Level 13)

Huge damage, but rate of fire is much slower. Just like Uzi in Modern Warfare, you can expect more recoil from SMG as well.

AK-74u (Level 19)

Really strong damage and a little easier to deal with than its assault rifle counterpart, but not as fast at tearing apart enemies like the MP5 thanks to its slow rate of fire. If you’re determined to keep using it, at least take a look at Best Download Call of Duty Cold War Ak-74u To build the maximum you can use it with it.

KSP 45 (level 37)

The KSP 45 is an odd possibility for Call of Duty, and it’s a fast-paced SMG with an impressive time to kill if it manages to land in successive bursts. However, reduced damage and nozzle velocity make the long run impractical.

Frog (level 43)

The Bullfrog – a reincarnation of Bizon – is a fully automatic machine gun that delivers good damage and range, as well as +20 rounds / mag, despite the accuracy of the sacrifices of random fire spread.

Tactical rifles

Type 63

The slow-shooting rifle similar to the SKS, the Type 63 actually looks like one of the best shotguns in the game thanks to its high damage per shot and adequate rate of fire.

M16 (Level 10)

This comes with shotgun as standard, hence it is placed in the tactical rifle category. Land with one of those triple blasts and the enemy will be lucky if they’re still holding. Unlike the KSP 45, this is a much easier to use long-term approach. Verify The best Call of Duty Cold War M16 gear For a good preparation.

AUG (Level 28)

The classic Black Ops Assault Rifle is back – the AUG is a tactical firing rifle, providing high damage with moderate recoil and slower travel speeds during firing. It also has 1.5x built-in optics and several accessories that you should definitely check out. Our Best Call of Duty Cold War AUG download It will help you get the most out of this tactical rifle.

DMR 14 (level 49)

The DMR 14 is a semi-automatic tactical rifle, with a high rate of fire, less recoil and high damage, although it has a -10 round / mag.

Light machine guns

Stoner 63

Similar stats as RPD, but with a slightly higher fire rate and less damage. Its recoil is surprisingly low, making it an ideal weapon for fully automatic wear laying on long sight lines.

RPD (Level 22)

The RPD is designed for fully automatic fire, and its recoil actually improves the more you press the trigger down. It’s impressive damage and has a high rate of fire.

M60 (level 46)

The M60 is a fully automatic LMG with +45 rounds / mag – its “heavy” rounds provide “excellent stopping power”, although it sacrifices its rate of fire and handling speeds.

Sniper rifles

703 Ali

This is the fast-range rifle. It is fed manually and has strong traffic and mobility stats. The Pellington 703 delivers a single shot to the head or upper torso. For a quickscoper’s best friend, check out Best Download Call of Duty Cold War Pellington 703.

LW3 – Tundra (Level 25)

Deals more damage than the Pellington 703, but has more impact and worse handling stats. You can get one shot to the head, upper torso, and shoulders.

M82 (level 55)

Barrett M82 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with heavy recoil and slow handling. It will result in one shot in the head or upper chest. We prefer other sniper rifles, but they are by no means a bad choice.



Bog-standard pistol. Decent damage, decent rate of fire.

Magnum (Level 31)

It won’t take more than a few shots, but landing it with recoil and slow rate of fire isn’t easy.

Diamati (level 49)

Cold War equivalent of the Renetti Pistol, which is a great explosive and secondary fire pistol for snipers.


Hoyer 77 (Level 7)

Basically it is a trench pistol, which is a pump-action shooting capable of doing massive damage close up.

Gallo SA12 (level 34)

Semi-automatic rifle can spam in a panic. To get the most potential damage with this rifle, you can check out the Best Download Call of Duty Cold War Gallo SA12.


Sigma 2

This trigger can be launched freely or you can lock enemy aircraft with it.

RPG 7 (level 40)

Fantastic fire-free missile launcher to take out enemy infantry. It will cause a lot of damage to vehicles, but with no targeting, it wouldn’t be a good idea to deal with scorestreaks.

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