FAU-G Lite will be released for budget phones if users feel the need for it

FAU-G is scheduled to be launched in India on January 26th, the company announced the release date last week. Prior to its official release, Vishal Gondal, founder of nCore Games, developer FAU-GIn an exclusive phone interview, I assured BGR.in that there would be a liter version of the game too, should users feel the need for it. Also read – FAU-G launch date confirmed in India

“We will first await feedback from our users on the first version of FAU-G and then if necessary, we will release a liter version of the game in the near future,” Gondal said. No release timeline has been confirmed. Also read – PUBG Mobile’s FAU-G may launch in India this month: report

The founder of nCore Games has confirmed that the FAU-G game, which will be launched later this month, will mainly target the middle and high end smartphone segment. Based on reviews from users, developers will release liter version of the game in the near future for budget smartphones or smartphones. Gondal explained that the first installment of FAU-G will be more about story than gameplay. Also read – How to pre-register for FAU-G on Google Play Store

The first episode of FAU-G will be about the Galwan Valley episode between the Indian and Chinese armies. He did not disclose the details of the upcoming releases of the game and said that the developers are currently focusing on improving the first version of the game.

The company will release the first version of the game on January 26 at a later time, followed by other releases with more and more game modes, battle royale features and more. “FAU-G wouldn’t be like PUBG MOBILE Or any of the current battle royale games. We are working on various game modes and also royale game features, which will be released in the next six to eight months through OTA update.

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Gondal has repeatedly emphasized that FAU-G is not a competitor to PUBG Mobile, which is currently banned in India for privacy and security reasons. The government of India banned battle royale in the country last year, along with hundreds of other Chinese apps in the country. PUBG Corporation is working hard to bring the game back to India as PUBG Mobile India, but there appears to be some delay in relaunching the game.

Initially, FAU-G will be released on Google Play Store later followed by App Store. This means that during the launch, the action game will only be available to Android users. The game has been available for pre-registrations for a few weeks now and Gondal claims five to seven million users (almost) have shown an interest in the action game so far.

While gaming fans are calling for FAU-G to be India’s answer to PUBG Mobile, Gondal said it offers a different product. “We are not a clone of any game and have our own identity. We offer a different product.”

Gondal also revealed that for FAU-G, security of user data is of paramount importance. He added, “All users’ data will be stored on servers based inside India and there is no compromise on this part.”

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