Everspace 2 Early Access starts this month and will run for at least a year

the original Everspace It is a game that many PC gamers should remember due to it being a Kickstarter funded hit. The game has sold over 2 million copies so far, which is not easy to say the least. Obviously, sales have provided developer Rockfish Games a lot of incentive to go ahead and make a sequel. Finally, things come together now, too, because the early access version of Everspace 2 It will be released on January 18th.

we’ve got I followed the project Since its inception I’ve watched it go from crowdfunding stage to concrete demonstration, and finally a near-complete product. When it reaches digital store shelves, players can expect just the right amount of content. It will include voice acting in full English for the first 12 hours or more of the story campaign and several side quests occurring in the first two star system.

Shoot to the stars

Rockfish promises about 25 hours of gameplay, which will introduce players to the basic game mechanics. There will of course be combat in space, but also exploration, mining, puzzle-solving, travel, trade, classification, crafting, ship assignments, player and companion perks, plus five different player ships sub-classes.

If all this sounds interesting to you, you can try the Early Access version for $ 39.99. You have the option to purchase Everspace 2 Via Steam Early Access, but GOG Games in Development is also available. Of course, that’s the high asking price for Early Access, but the aforementioned content is just what you get now.

What will arrive in your home system next year

Since this is a crowdfunded game from trusted developers, transparency is a big plus for potential players. Rockfish mentioned most of its plans to release the game version as well. by the time Everspace 2 When exiting Early Access, you can expect four to six additional star systems to explore, several additional subcategories for player ships, and about twice the amount of story content, plus end-of-game activities. International players can also look forward to additional language support.

You can check the full list at Press release here. The last thing to note about the release version is that it will be priced “reasonably higher”. This pricing should change when developers complete Early Access sometime in 2022.

You can wish list Everspace 2 On Steam Or across GOG store Now, if you intend to try the Early Access version of the game later this month. Meanwhile, you can Check out our preview From a previous building to see if this is lost in space or worth an interstellar stay.

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