The best city building games on PC

Are you looking for the best city building games on PC? There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in an afternoon of city building games with a hot drink. We have lost countless hours arranging the buildings the way we like or strive to save a population on the verge of collapse, and sometimes we cause that collapse on purpose just to see how our citizens will deal. Not as good as it happens.

Our list of the best city building games offers something for everyone Management games Admire, from hardcore city planners looking for a challenge, to entries that welcome newcomers of the genre with the promise of educational programming, abstract background skins, and just a few dreadful threats. In addition to difficulty, we’ve included a mix of realistic and science fiction city builders Simulation gamesIn case you are tired of designing your urban spaces against a traditional background.

Whether your goal is to regroup and resettle the Earth, conquer new planets, or defeat the passenger danger of congestion, this list of best city building games for PC should serve you well.

Here are the best city building games for PC:

City Building Games - Tropico-6

Tropico 6

El Presidente returns, this time to an archipelago where you can administer / govern several islands simultaneously. This city building game costs you building a city from the ground up, all while dealing with the island’s economic demands, the happiness of your citizens, and keeping a paradise floating on corrupt deals with allies abroad.

Tropico 6 is about finding balance in a city that cannot satisfy all factions and residents, as challenges emerge from crooked government officials who will need to complete them in order to work toward your overall goal, which changes with each scenario.

As you’d expect from a dictatorial city builder, Tropico 6 gives you plenty of options, but you can expect some brutal consequences if you make the wrong call. If a general election looms, you will have the option of bending the numbers or staying clean, but there is a trade-off between losing the election and having to re-level or anger internal factions.

Tropico 6’s delightful show contrasts with the amount of love and care you’ll need to dedicate to your system to keep everyone happy, relatively. Fortunately, the island setting makes it easy to keep an eye on buildings and notifications whether it’s discovering rebels wandering the streets, or a group of huts that have sprung up as a cue to build more homes for your citizens.

Avene city building colony games

Aven Colony

Aven Colony transports the humble city builder to a different planet where you’ll face more challenging obstacles than deciding where to best build your roads. For starters, you’ll have to think about the challenges presented by all of the terrifying new space biomes and hostile atmospheres.

Instead of creating a new city to lure the residents, your main goal is to rebuild humanity, which is a truly noble goal. In doing so, you’ll need to try to adapt to the atmosphere, fight ongoing natural disasters, hypoxia (a very big problem, this one), and even alien life forms like giant sandworms.

You’ll start out as a governor and rise through the ranks to establish yourself as the boss of your colony as the rest of the game follows suit, expanding your toolkit and testing your abilities by starting with small goals like building a water pump and escalating along the way to manage a large-scale army resembling spacecraft soldiers.

Avene Colony is not just a pure city building game, as it blends the qualities of the best 4X games And the Strategy games. There are some light battles and a neat expedition system that finally lets you uncover the planet’s history.

Frostpunk city building games


Frostpunk is the kind of city builder that will make you question your manners over and over again. Your mission is to survive an early ice age in a protected city powered by steam that was left unfinished before the Great Freeze. As the leader of a group of survivors, your role is to rebuild the city around a giant heater that constantly needs fuel to keep your residents safe and healthy.

As in some The best survival gamesFrostpunk is all about managing resources effectively to keep the city running, and your main concern is to keep the oven running on fuel. Unlike other city builders, Frostpunk is about survival rather than judgment, and it is an ongoing act of juggling to keep your new citizens happy, while ensuring the city is filled with food and the oven is fully functional.

As you might expect from one The best apocalypse games Frostpunk is not exactly a light city building game. Death is inevitable in this harsh tundra and you face a lot of tough decisions just to keep the city going – instead of worrying about the status of the structure and how it all looks, you need to enact laws that keep your citizens safe, and gamble on risky expeditions, sometimes you are An example of a criminal.

City building games survival mars

Surviving Mars

Like Frostpunk, Surviving Mars mixes survival and city building, albeit on a barren red planet rather than a scene of frozen inferno. You’ll be armed with all the equipment you need to create a happy, functional city for colonists as you explore the dusty surface of Mars, looking for terrain that can be fertilized so you can continue expanding across the planet.

Unfortunately, no scientist Matt Damon is ready to guide you through the whole process. You’ll be your own botanist, scientist, and city planner as you feed your colonists flocking and happy – but that’s your least of problems. Surviving Mars is much more difficult to deal with, as it requires a lot of attention to ensure citizens have access to oxygen and protect them from impending natural disasters like dust storms and cold waves, but Surviving Mars does a great job of keeping you updated on the progress of the city.

Research and exploration play a big part in building a survival city, allowing you to dramatically improve the structures and facilities in your colony to match the Asimovian imagination in your head. Plus, with a booming scene, there’s no end to the crazy science fiction colonies that you can grasp.

City building games simcity4

Sim City 4

The SimCity series has been around for a good while now, and you can see how much other city building games have been borrowed from – and in the case of Cities: Skylines, improved upon – the incredibly popular city building series. SimCity 4 was launched in 2003, and although the game doesn’t offer anything particularly innovative for the genre, it is still a satisfying and challenging contender.

Towns style: Skylines, you only have one goal, and that is to create the city of your dreams. You have different areas of buildings that you can grid, but you can also splash money to build complex road systems or more advanced architecture, and even wonders of the world. You will receive prompts as you expand your city, notifying you of the needs of your citizens as you gradually unlock new features and attract more residents. There isn’t much to think about when it comes to SimCity, but sometimes this might just be what you’re looking for in a city building game.

City building games - cities - horizons

Cities: Skylines

Simplicity is the key to cities: meteor sky rising to success. Whether you are a veteran city planner capable of handling practically any scenario, or a newcomer to the genre, Cities: Skylines is arguably the best city building game for either party.

Instead of spending an eternity scrolling through building types and then carefully rotating and placing them in easily accessible locations, Cities: Skylines divides the bulk of their buildings into categories such as residential, commercial and industrial, allowing you to quickly build the skeleton of your city before it hurts. On the little details. The skill is how to balance the many needs of your citizens and each region, which makes you think like a mayor.

It’s not that cities: Skylines are easy, that’s far from the truth, it’s just easy to roll around, and when things go wrong, which you inevitably do, you won’t feel defeated by the prospect of starting over. As you’d expect from the studio behind Cities in Motion, Cities: Skylines also features a wonderful, deep and intricate mix of transportation options, meaning you can spend countless hours trying to make sure your residents move as smoothly and smoothly as possible.

For the hardcore gamers, there’s also a thriving landscape that’s still full of scenarios, new buildings, and traffic solutions so you can successfully recreate any city in the world or try to solve the infamous Los Angeles traffic problem. Check out some Best cities: Skylines mods.

City building games-anno-1800

Ano 1800

The Anno 1800 City Building Chain takes you back to its historical roots, positioning you as a pioneer in the Industrial Revolution, as you trade and grow your empire from two farms and warehouses to a thriving industrial city the world will envy. Ultimately, you can even lure tourists to one of your many museums or zoos as you move into the modern world, and browse all the logistical and societal issues that come with such a seismic change.

Anno 1800 offers several options for how to play across its campaign, multiplayer and sandbox modes. As in the best 4X games, there are a variety of ways to win the Anno 1800, from amassing wealth and investors to attracting visitors and securing diplomatic ties. Facing other islands, you will need to closely monitor your opponents and their global decisions, while discovering through diplomatic failures and deliberating how they operate and whether they can be trusted.

Aside from monitoring your competitors, you’ll need to keep your workers happy, while expanding trade and growing your company’s city. There is even a regular newspaper out there that tours influences the happiness of the inhabitants and spreads anecdotes across the land of your town’s successes and failures. Details like these help bring the world of the Industrial Revolution to life, and while Anno 1800 definitely shines on the grim reality of the era, it is hard not to be drawn to her idealistic image and charm.

City building games Age of Empires 2

Age of Empires 2 definitive edition

Instead of building a city for survival, to dictate, or to repopulate, your main goal in Age of Empires 2 is to build your city as a base of operations for your army as you prepare to wage war throughout the ages. You can choose from a number of historic urban cities and build on their strength to bring prosperity to your people.

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition reboots the original 1999 game, and even though we already dealt with an HD version in 2013, who says we can’t even get nicer things? If you have fond memories of playing Age of Empires, or if you are new to the genre of games, there is much more to this type of city building, than just city building. Don’t let that bother you, Age of Empires 2 has tons of tutorials to help you along the way.

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The aspect of building cities in an Age of Empires means creating towns and villages, and ultimately transforming them entirely to form cities that can withstand the risks of war. Not only is it enough for your townspeople to search for supplies and cultivate land to keep your civilian citizenship in place, you will also need to build watchtowers and barriers to defend against enemies, as well as train villagers for war. In Age of Empires 2, the results of creating a career town reverberate through the ages. Few old games Is fun to play after more than 20 years as AoE 2.

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