One billion chips are headed for early arrival on January 6th

From independent developer Dronami comes a unique skill-based boxing experience titled One billion homes. This title offers players a boxing experience they are sure to never forget. Fight with glove of battles as you face multiple enemies in a strange world. This unique title combines gruesome boxing cage fights with cartoon villains ready to take on them.

Interestingly, this title contains a free demo that can be played on the developer’s website for anyone interested. Simply visit the site and download the title for a chance to experience an exotic boxing environment with fierce enemies to face.

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It’s time to One billion homes Also enter into brutal boxing fortune. This is the title that will challenge you against a wide variety of villains as you slowly gain muscle, strength, and more. Customize your boxer and battle one enemy after another in a bid to win huge cash.

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This title is deep and Challenging skills-based boxing Experiment. Master deep and accurate combat as you explore a combat system that rewards timed attacks. There is a wide range of moves to learn, and by crafting unique techniques players can unleash powerful attacks on their enemies.

Players must face the gauntlet Heads of handicrafts Multiple forms for every battle. Fight each unique and difficult confrontation because things slowly get harder with each passing combat.

Be sure to make it Entertaining fighting. The more hype the audience gets, the more money you’ll make. This means that you must learn to over-copy your attacks in an effort to make the crowd explode while you continue to do good damage.

However, this is a game of fighting, skill and victory. Bet on your chances of winning, before the match, and bear the consequences of losing in more than just defeat.

Players will enjoy Unique combat engine With full damage modeling. The enemies will lose their teeth, acquire a black eye, and take off their glasses in a unique and commanding manner. Enjoy beating enemies in a unique battle simulator game.

This title is good for players who enjoy violence. This is not suitable for children as it contains violence, gambling and many other mature topics. Among the fact that the final boss was rated M, players must be warned that this title is very much aimed at adults.

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One billion homes Currently planning to launch in steam Early access as of January 6.

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