Jagex celebrates 20 years of RuneScape with a year-long celebration

Back in the days of CRT monitors, there were a lot of great games to play, but you couldn’t play many of them for free. RuneScape Other than that, giving hundreds of thousands their first taste of fantasy MMO for nothing. The game is famous for its party hats, Retro tunes, Funny Dances, is turning 20 this year, and developer Jagex is celebrating a year worth events for all players.

RuneScape It was originally launched 20 years ago, on January 4, 2001. Since then, the game has accumulated a huge base of players. The game has nearly 300 million registered player accounts with more than 1.2 million paid subscribers joining in 2020.

Jagex ushers in celebrating its 20th anniversary RuneScape Today with the big party. This in-game event will reunite players with some of the most prominent characters in the game. For next year, Grand Party will give players access to a host of new content, including a New multi-part mission. The game will also have a second story-based mission as Elder Gods rises to the game again.

More ways to play than ever before

It should be noted that all this content is intended for new only RuneScape. However, Old school runescape It will also have its own collection of new content. This MMO rebound has its own annual event which starts on January 6th. Players will be able to team up with the Green Gnome Child for an adventure through the classics RuneScape Earth and battle against demons and dragons. Players who complete this mission will receive a special garment and dedication of Gnome Child. 2021 is shaping up to be big for this version of RuneScape, Which will also be Release Steam this year.

This is not the only new version of RuneScape Release this year though. After early entry, RuneScape It will also be launched on mobile devices this year. Although there is no specific release date yet, players will be able to log in RuneScape On their phones or tablets with full cross-platform playback.

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