Best DMR 14 Warzone gear

Looking for the best DMR 14 gear in Warzone? Over the past few weeks, the DMR 14 has become the weapon of choice for anyone looking to snatch enemies from medium to long range. Due to Warzone’s largest map size, Verdansk, DMR 14 is ideal for those who want to avoid large groups of enemies at close range. This semi-automatic tactical rifle allows you to quickly eliminate enemies with a few bullets.

The Mac 10 And the Groza gear They became two of the most powerful gear in Warzone, and DMR 14 seems to be no exception. Number of Call of Duty Cold War Guns That which was introduced to Warzone has been an issue since it became available, requiring changes in balance as the weeks progressed. Although these weapons may not look very powerful in a Cold War multiplayer game, they do feature various stats to make them worthwhile picks in Battle royale game.

Members of the Call of Duty community have already advocated for a drop of this gun, so it’s worth participating in the event while you still can. By choosing the correct gear, you can reduce recoil on the DMR 14 while simultaneously increasing its rate of fire.


Best of the Warzone DMR 14 gear is:

  • 16.3-inch titanium barrel
  • Silencer Agency
  • Foregrip field agent
  • 30 p
  • Visiontech 2x

The 16.3-inch DMR 14 titanium barrel gives you a much-needed shot in the rate of fire, giving you an advantage when stumbling into dangerous close-range confrontations. Precision shooters will be happy to know that this weapon can quickly eliminate enemies with a maximum of two shots to the head, and the 16.3-inch titanium barrel helps speed up this process dramatically. Although some other barrels provide a damage-induced boost, increasing the rate of fire should be a priority as it helps in all ranges.

Reduce your chances of being discovered by choosing Agency Silencer. This muzzle adds sound suppression to the DMR 14 and increases the range of damage, giving you the ability to kill enemies from greater distances. The only downside related to this muzzle is that you won’t be able to quickly direct the sights, although the benefits of sound suppression more than make up for it.

You can reduce the amount of vertical and horizontal recoil on this weapon by equipping the F Field Agent Foregrip. The downside is that it reduces firing while moving quickly, but you should avoid movement while firing this weapon anyway. If you thought this tactical rifle was accurate before, once you equip Foregrip Field Agent you’ll soon understand why people want to drop this gun.

DMR 14 has the advantage of not requiring large amounts of bullets to take down enemies, however, you can never be too prepared. By choosing a 30 Rnd Magazine, you sacrifice reload time to expand the magazine capacity and give yourself a boost to maximum starting ammo. Reload speeds on a tactical rifle don’t matter, and equipping yourself with a few more rounds in the magazine will ensure you don’t have to reload as often.

As for the optics, we recommend choosing anything between the 2x and 4x range. The beauty of tactical rifles is that you have the flexibility to deal with enemies from medium to long distances. If you want to take an assault rifle approach, choose the Visiontech 2x. The Axial Arms 3x scope will also do the trick at mid-ranges, and you might find it surprisingly good at long distances as well.

To compensate for the short-range shortcomings of the DMR 14, you’ll need a moving weapon capable of eliminating many enemies very quickly as a secondary weapon. Go to Diamatti our best gear To see exactly what you need to equip this deadly pistol.

If you want to take down enemies from greater distances, you might want to check Download Pelington 703 Instructs. Want to jump straight into the action? The Best Download Krig 6 You will ensure that you have the best odds of winning in any close range battles.

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